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I can’t believe this is pretty much my last Blogmas post (tomorrow is just a catch up post so I guess it doesn’t really count). All that planning and writing and poof! It’s finished, just like that. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in Blogmas – I really hope you guys have liked reading what I’ve had to say but I’m actually really glad it’s over as it’s all I’ve been able to think about (blog-wise) for the last three weeks!

As I work in the construction industry I now have two and a half weeks off (two weeks gifted from work, the extra half is cos I’m going to Prague…My birthday falls so conveniently!) and I am so ready. It’s been really quiet at work this past week and after my allergic reaction left me feeling all kinds of shit, I am more than ready to chill out in my jim jams with my husband and my dog.

So what do I have planned for the Christmas 2017?

Saturday 23rd

My Christmas starts right here! Once I’ve hit publish on this Jody and I are jumping in the van and heading to Leeds White Rose for some last minute Christmas shopping (I tell a lie – Jody’s doing some last minute Christmas shopping, I’m just keeping him on the right track cos I finished all mine in November). Usually we go a lot earlier in the month but due to our paydays we’ve had to hold off doing so – I really, really hope it isn’t heaving but I have a feeling it will be.

Once we are all shopped out we will be heading over to Showcase Cinema – It’s the best cinema in the area with huge leather recliners and a very reasonable price tag – to see Jumanji. I dunno why there’s so much negativity surrounding it to be honest: They’ve said it isn’t a re-make, it looks funny and it stars The Rock and Kevin Hart…What more could you want?

Sunday 24th

Christmas Eve is usually a pretty busy day for husband and I as it’s the day we go round our family members houses and do our present drops. Luckily neither of us buy for that many people AND they all live relatively close so it isn’t that much of a pain in the arse. We will be seeing both sets of parents, my sister and the kids, his grandparents and my nannie and I can’t wait as I love our Christmas visits.

Once the visiting is over and done with we will be heading home to baby Brucey, getting in our jim jams and watching something festive no doubt. I’m torn between watching ‘It’s a wonderful life’ or ‘A Mody Christmas’ but we will probably end up watching both cos they are both AWESOME.

Monday 25th

Ahh the big day. We will be starting bright and early no doubt (I’m a child), opening up our stockings in bed. This will be followed with a good old hearty breakfast – Heck sausages, bacon and CHRISTMAS TREE SHAPED CRUMPETS (!!!) and more Christmas telly.

I’m cooking Christmas dinner for the first time ever this year – I’m actually a little bit nervous but I’m only cooking for the husband and he usually eats anything I put in front of him. We eat chicken a lot throughout the year and turkey bores me so this year we decided we will be having beef and ham with all of the trimmings. I’ve even bought a little festive apron to wear and I’ve stocked up on Kopperberg so even if it goes tits up I can always drink through the sorrow.

I’m undecided as to if we are going out Christmas day night or not as all the pubs in our area have gone downhill and our fave one (that just so happens to be two doors down from our house) is only open for a few hours over lunch time. Tbh I reckon I will be in a food coma anyways and won’t want to leave the warmth and comfort of my house.

Tuesday 26th

Boxing day is the final day I have any concrete plans – We will be heading over to Jody’s parents house, like we do every year, to have a second Christmas with them. His grandparents are usually in attendance and this year I believe his Aunt and cousin will also be there. It’s usually pretty good crack with games, party food and plenty of booze so it should be a pleasant day.

The inbetweeny bit

I dunno what I’m gunna do in between Christmas and NYE (I should probably check my list shouldn’t I?) but I imagine it will involve a lot of leftover sandwiches, my pj’s and Star Wars Battlefront (We bought it the other day but haven’t played it yet cos we need a new remote – Bruce chewed one of the joysticks on our old one!).

New Year

Jody and I aren’t really bothering with NYE this year as Bruce isn’t keen on fireworks. I wouldn’t say he was scared but he gets very protective of the house and non stop barks – Not ideal really. Instead we will be going to a local Chinese restaurant – Early doors (6pm) so we can get home before all the loud bangs begin.

Husband is going to Liverpool on new years day as he has tickets to an Everton game so we won’t be drinking much as I imagine he will a) want to be fresh for the football and b) want to save his drinking allowance for the match. I’m probably just gunna chill at home with Bruce, maybe go see my Mum and Dad or something. Whatever I do it will be cheap cheap cheap because on the 6th we fly to Prague to celebrate my 26th birthday! Yippee!

2017 was a pretty good year for me (bar the shit show that is the news) and I’m looking into 2018 with a really positive attitude.

What are your plans for the Christmas period?

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