Five things I’m looking forward to in December

Five things I’m looking forward to in December

5 things I'm looking forward to in December


It’s here! It’s finally here! After what feels like forever, December has finally arrived and my favourite month is about to commence. I’ve got loads planned for the festive season but these are the things I’m looking forward to the most.

Taking part in Blogmas.

Yep, I’m taking part in Blogmas this year and this is the first post! There are a couple of empty days for some spontaneous content but most of what I have written is pre-planned. Expect various reviews – movies, restaurants, the Lush Christmas collection – aswell as the usual xmas fare. I’m not going to OTT with the Christmas theme cos I don’t want to be producing stuff that’s been done much better by other bloggers in the past. It’s basically just blogging every day with a lil bit of Christmas cheer chucked in for good measure.

Going to Dundee to see The View.

Once I’ve hit publish on this post Jodes and I will be dropping Brucey off at a local kennels before heading up to Dundee for the evening. We are staying at the Malmaison hotel (very swish) so we are both really looking forward to a puppy free evening in the company of our fave band. It’s the final view show for at least a year AND it’s a hometown show so it’s gunna be wild. Check back later in the week for a little round up of our road trip.

Going out for my friends birthday

I haven’t been out drinking in quite some time so I’m actually really looking forward to having a few to celebrate my friends 28th birthday. We are only going to our local (the girls are off to the Leeds Christmas market during the day buy nah, can’t afford it) but they’re putting on rock and roll bingo especially in her honour so no doubt we will have a WHALE of a time.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

I love the original Star Wars movies (the Hayden Christywhatsit ones can get in the bin) and I thought Force Awakens was really good so it’s safe to say I’ve been buzzing about the last jedi all year. Despite being a huge cinema fan Jody can’t stand the Star Wars franchise so I’ll be going to the cinema with my Mum to see it. She’s Star Wars mad so I’ll be in good company!

Christmas and two weeks off!

As I’ve been in Christmas mode since September it would be really weird if I didn’t put it on my list wouldn’t it?! This year is even more special because I get a whole two and a half weeks off work – Two weeks are gifted and then the other half I’m on annual leave cos I’m in Prague. I usually only get two days off so the idea of a whole fortnight off is pretty magical.

What are you looking forward to in December?


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