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As mentioned in this week’s Sunday catch up the husband and I spent Friday evening in the beautiful city of Dundee.

Our reason for doing so was because our all time favourite band (who hail from Dundee), The View, were performing at the Caird Hall – The last gig before a hiatus lasting until at least 2019. Obviously there was no way we were going to miss it so we were more than happy to do the 520 mile round trip.

From Ripon you have to pass through Cumbria to get to Scotland and I feel like I have to mention the llama karma cafe in Penrith (where I found my dream wallpaper that’s pictured above). It’s at the side of the A66 and whilst we have passed it a bazillion times, we’ve never actually stopped.

And that, my friends, is a crying shame because it’s a great little pit stop.

The llama karma cafe is named so because there are a few llamas living in the compound and treks and selfies are available for a small fee. We were in a rush so no llama adventures for us *sobs* but I had the most delicious sausage sandwich, hot chocolate and mars bar crispy cake (I also got myself a llama keyring because apparently I’m still six years old – No regrats) so if you are ever in the area you should  definitely go check it out.

Malmaison Dundee

Anyway…On to Dundee!

We decided to stay at the Malmaison Dundee as it was a few minutes walk from Caird Hall and wow, what a treat it was.

Malmaison actually have hotels scattered all over the country and I can’t believe I haven’t stayed in one before cos the decor and design is right up my street. I’m not sure how you would describe it maybe classy goth? Think chocolate brown walls and deep red velvet curtains, beds and cushions…I’m definitely taking interior inspiration from them when we eventually buy our own house!

We stayed in a inner court room which cost us £85 – Not too shabby. Unfortunately an inner court room means we didn’t have a view (we just overlooked the other side of the hotel if that makes sense) but when the room as lovely as it was who cares.

The staff were lovely, the decor was lovely and the bed was really bloody comfy.

Ten out of ten.

(FYI we parked our car at the Greenmarket car park which is literally a two minute walk from the Malmaison. We arrived at 3pm and left at 8.30am and guess what…it only cost us £4.60! As tight Yorkshiremen we were over the moon as we thought it was gunna be in excess of a tenner so keep it in mind if you are ever in Dundee).

Tony Macaroni Dundee

What about food?

As we got to Dundee super early and the gig wasn’t until 7pm we decided that some good grub was definitely in order after our long drive. We opted to go to Tony Macaroni as it was over the road from the Malmaison and we didn’t fancy walking far because it was bloody freezing.

Tony Macaroni is an Italian and after a quick google I can see that it’s a Scottish chain of restaurants with the Dundee branch being a relatively new addition.

Being the chunky monkeys that we are we opted for starters and mains – Jody went for the calamari and cannoli burger whilst I opted for good old garlic bruschetta and spaghetti carbonara (my all time number one favourite). The food was pretty good (although I think it’s quite hard to fuck up carbonara cos I’ve liked every single one I’ve ever eaten) and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere, with Christmas songs blaring through the sound system.

I also got in the festive spirit with a Snowman – A vanilla and white chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and mint matchsticks. Delicious but maybe not the best idea on such a cold night.

I suppose we could have found a cool indie restaurant instead of opting for a cheesy chain place but nah, we are all about the easy life I’m afraid.

the view t shirt

And the main event?

The View. Oh how I will miss them.

Apparently it is just a hiatus but you never know do you?

Anyway we got to the venue early as there was merchandise on sale and The View NEVER have merchandise. We bought a couple of t shirts and Jody got his paws on a limited edition signed post that will be getting framed and put on the wall. Once our coats and merch had been checked into the cloakroom we headed to the bar (duh) where we people watched our way through the first support act.

We decided to watch the second support act – A local band called Sahara – and they turned out to be really good, singing the kind of songs that are right up our street. They’ve definitely got a couple of new fans.

But then it was time for the main event.

The View came out and absolutely smashed it, like they always do. They sang a great selection from their back catalogue and we sang, danced and sweated until they finally stopped. The gig ended with the band taking photos in front of the crowd to the sound of The Beatles ‘With a little help from my friends’ and wah, it was emotional.

It was bittersweet knowing that that might have been the last time we will ever see them live but I’m so glad that we made the trip cos it was such an awesome night.

Would you travel 600 miles to see your favourite band?

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