The blogs that I always come back too

The blogs that I always come back too

blogs that I always come back too


In the spirit of Christmas I thought I would do something a little bit different today and share my favourite bloggers with you. They are predominantly lifestyle and they are all blogs that I like to keep up to date with cos I like reading what the writers have to say.

Hannah Gale

Hannah is the first blogger I was introduced to – before I started my own blog – via one of her famous lists (I think it was this one). A girl I knew shared it on Facebook and before I knew it I was deep in the archives absorbing everything Hannah had ever written. Over time Hannah’s content has grown and evolved and I still find myself stalking her blog when I’m in need of some of my own inspiration.

Lindsey Lou Blogs

Lindsey is a Scottish blogger and is relatively new to the scene – her blog has been going since June 2016. I really enjoy the content that she puts out there and her flat lays are to die for – I get some serious photo envy every time I log on to her site or Insta.. She also included a few View songs on her autumn playlist which gets big thumbs up from me (They’re my all time favourite band).


Michelle is a pretty well established blogger – I’ve just checked her archive and she’s been going since 2010! – and another one that I’ve followed from the beginning. Her posts vary – some are short and sweet, some are pretty lengthy – and she covers a huge variety of topics. I like Michelle’s blog because I get the impression that she really does write from the heart, coming across as passionate and genuine in everything she publishes.

Life with Maria

Maria’s blog is lovely but it’s her Instagram that really grabs my attention. Maria is a make up whizz and she makes the most beautiful and creative looks. Throughout October she created 31 individual looks based around Halloween and she’s doing it again for Christmas – This time under the Hashtag Mia’s Merry Hexmas. I urge you to go and follow her (if you aren’t already) because I love seeing what she comes up with.

Sophie Cliff

Sophie is a fellow Northern blogger and she produces content (almost) daily alongside running a house and going to work full time – I know, HOW?!?! Her content is great – Some times she will share her favourite books or a city guide and other times she will bare her soul writing about her personal losses and dealing with grief. It’s a great mix of content and you never know what she’s going to post next.


Another blogger I’ve been following for years is Jane over at Deluminators. Jane’s a junior doctor in Sydney and she often blogs about her foodie adventures in the city, her adventures further afield and even about her job. I find her posts on her career/education really interesting because whilst I don’t have the brain power to be a medical professional, it’s really interesting get to see what life is like in that field.

Rhianna Olivia

Rhianna is from Leeds (like Sophie) and I find her content to be really unique compared to other stuff that’s out there (this one on the paranormal, this one on creativity and this one on body image for example).  Her photography is to die for (I know I’ve already said it but check out those flat lays) and as much as people seem to hate on the word now, she’s relatable.

Popcorn and Glitter

Last but not least is Popcorn and Glitter ran by Sophie. Sophie is a film fanatic who just so happens to have a mint wardrobe, some cool tattoos and excellent taste in make up and beauty. I always check out her movie reviews before I go see a film and so far she’s been pretty bang on the money. If you like a lot of colour then you will love Sophie’s site.

Are there any bloggers you would like to recommend? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for including me in this lovely – what a surprise on my Wednesday morning reading sesh! Totally having a read of some of the other ladies in this (: my favourite blog to read right now is We Browns, such a romantic writing style! x

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