A very merry Lush Christmas part two


Lush Christmas 2017


Last week I shared the first part of my Lush Christmas haul and as promised I’m back here with part two! The first part was quite sweet and sugary but this one has a bit more spice.

Buche De Noel cleanser

Ultrabland is my go to cleanser but as I’ve just hit the bottom I decided to give Lush’s festive offering ‘Buche De Noel’ a go. First impressions? It smells like playdough which is one of my least favourite scents in the world – Seriously I retch every time I use it. You may be wondering – Well why don’t you stop using it then dummy? Well 1) I’ve paid for it and I’m from Yorkshire remember and 2) my skin feels baby soft after use. I can power through the smell if it means my skin feels THAT good,

Santa’s Christmas shower cream

Santa’s Christmas is loaded with some super spicy sounding ingredients – Aniseed oil, black pepper oil and cinnamon infusion – and a dash of orange juice yet somehow it smells like vanilla coke ?!?! This delightful scent makes it my favourite item from the whole of the Christmas 2017 collection and I’m gunna have to stock up on another bottle before it’s gone for at least a year (I would try get it in the sale but as the website was down ALL DAY last year I’d rather buy it full price).

The Magic of Christmas wand

Lush had two wand options this year – The sweet scented magic wand or the magic of Christmas wand. As I received the former last year I opted for the latter this year. The three main ingredients are cinnamon, almond oil and sweet orange making it a real assault on the senses. I’m not mad keen on all of the glitter but the wand itself creates a tonne of bubbles and it’s a lot of fun.

Christmas Sweater bath bomb

The Christmas Sweater bath bomb is super cute – Look at the lil reindeers! With ginger, clove bud oil, mustard powder and coriander seed oil being the main ingredients in the Christmas sweater this one is a real winter warmer (the ingredients also mean it’s great for aching muscles) and it has a really nice effect when plopped in the water, shooting off bright red and orange foam. It’s a good ‘un!

Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

I’m on my second shoot for the stars bath bomb and unfortunately the one pictured isn’t quite as photogenic as the first but hey, doesn’t stop it from doing the same thing does it. The shoot for the stars bath bomb is an absolute winner in my opinion – Coconut cream and orange oil make it a delight on your smell receptors and when plopped in the bath it turns the water a sparkling blue – Yes like a night sky. The cocoa butter in it leaves your skin feeling silky and moisturised and of all the Christmas bath bombs available, this is the one I wish they would make permanent.

Which Lush Christmas item would you like to see become a permanent addition to the collection?

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