23 things all people who start celebrating Christmas early know to be true

23 things all people who start celebrating Christmas early know to be true


  1. You find yourself bookmarking things online as early as August because you just know they will make great gifts for your loved ones.
  2. And because of this when Black Friday rolls around you manage to grab yourself some banging bargains.
  3.  You get a little buzz when you realise the Christmas sections are in the shops before the Halloween decorations have even gone cold.
  4. And you go a little OTT on the decoration front because of this and they sit gathering dust for a month and a half before they are pulled out of their wrapping.
  5. Then there’s the eternal struggle over when the tree should go up – Mid November is way too early and you know it but you can’t help but want to do it anyway.
  6. Ooh is October to early to start downloading Buble, Mariah and Slade?
  7. By December 1st you’ve already watched Elf, Home Alone and Love Actually…maybe even twice.
  8. By the time the big day rolls around you’ve already consumed 8,322 mince pies, 4,311 flake cakes and a shit tonne of miniature heroes and celebrations.
  9. Ditto pigs in blankets.
  10. You’re buzzing for the Christmas delivery dates to be available on supermarket sites – Give me all of the party food you have, please and thank you.
  11. Thanks to the super early Christmas sales you’ve already bought all of your presents…and a few cheeky extras for yourself.
  12. And when people ask how your xmas shopping is going you feel all smug, say ‘I’m finished’ and enjoy watching their jaws drop.
  13. Ooh and they’re all wrapped and ready to go #Keen.
  14. Chances are whoever you live with (provided they aren’t a super early elf aswell) is sick to death of parcels.
  15. And they’re really annoyed that there are Christmas presents hidden away in every available crevice.
  16. You start to plan/buy your party outfits way too early usually resulting in you having to decide between three new dresses and a playsuit.
  17. From October-March you just find glitter E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.
  18. You’ve had your Christmas day planned out like a military operation since September.
  19. People who leave everything til the last minute leave you in shock – What if the coat your sister wanted isn’t in stock? What if there are no Yorkshire puddings left? HOW CAN YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?!?!?!?!
  20. As soon as the Lush Christmas items are on the website you are there stocking up on all your faves and adding new additions to your collection.
  21. And by the time Christmas rolls around you usually need a new bottle of Snow Fairy cos you started using it way too soon.
  22. You eagerly awaited the arrival of the Christmas cups and menus and instagrammed one the minute you got your hands on it.
  23. Buuuut by the time Boxing day is over you are sick of the sight of your Christmas tree and take it down in a fit of rage, you’re sick of looking at the leftover bountys in the celebration tin and the overflowing recycling bin is driving you mad. Aah Christmas.

Do you like to have things planned in advance or are you doing it all in a mad rush?


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