Five small changes I’m making to help wildlife and the environment

Five small changes I’m making to help wildlife and the environment

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I’ve always been a big wildlife and environmental advocate thanks to a life long love for animals spurred on by David Attenborugh documentaries and my RSPCA Animal Action magazine

I am meticulous when it comes to sorting out my recycling, I try to eat free range wherever I can and I never ever litter. (Fun fact: When I was 9 (ish??) I spent a Saturday cycling around my village picking up litter. It wasn’t sponsored or with school or anything, I just decided to do it because of an article I read in my AA magazine about birds and small mammals getting caught in plastic waste).

Last week there was a bit of a debate over on Twitter as a well known blogger was advertising fur on her Instagram. Obviously as an animal lover I was absolutely outraged but then after seeing a couple of interesting tweets I realised that I eat meat and I wear leather….Is that any better than wearing fur?

Then I watched Blue Planet 2 where David Attenborough talked about the effects that plastics and toxins are having on the ocean and all that reside there – Sure I recycle and re-use plastic carrier bags where I can but what about the straws, plastic cutlery and takeaway cups that I just mindlessly chuck in the bin? What about all the aerosols I use day to day without even thinking about it?

Anyway all of this got me thinking about the lifestyle that I lead. I’m conscious sure, but I don’t think I’m conscious enough and there is so much more I could be doing.

It can all get a bit mind boggling so I thought to begin with I would start small with five jumping off points:

Cut down on my meat and dairy consumption.

I love meat and I’ll be the first one to hold my hand up and say that I would really struggle to go veggie – But that doesn’t mean I can’t cut down on my meat intake does it? For lunch through the week I’m opting for mackerel pasta, vegetable soups and jacket potatoes and whilst I’m still eating mainly meat based dishes on an evening, I’m trying to eat more fish.

Be diligent with my recycling and use re-usable items wherever possible.

I mentioned before that I’m pretty good with my recycling but it’s the little things that I forget about – straws, bottle tops, clothing tags, takeaway coffee cups, beauty product casings….It’s time they all went in the recycling instead of getting thrown in the normal rubbish. I’ve purchased a stainless steel water bottle to cut down on plastic bottle usage (I like my water ice cold so tend to have loads of plastic ones in the fridge), a thermal mug so I can make yummy hot chocolates and home, some re-usable metal straws and even Bruce is getting in on the action – We have degradable poop bags so we aren’t adding more plastic to the landfill sites.

Take more care when it comes to finding CF beauty and hair products.

Recently I accepted a sponsored post and it never even crossed my mind to check if the brand were CF – And it turns out they aren’t. They are CF in this country but unfortunately they sell in China which means they have to test on animals there by law. I guess it’s a bit of a grey area but from now on I’m going to be thoroughly researching products before I buy/promote them.

Then there’s the whole parent company thing: Urban Decay are cruelty free and I adore their products but they are owned by L’Oreal who DO test on animals…Does this mean I should stop buying UD? For now, I’m going to keep it simple – I’ll buy UD and avoid L’Oreal but in the future this might be something I work on…Baby steps y’know?

Fortunately I don’t actually have that many products that are tested on animals and the ones I have, I barely use. Safe to say they won’t be getting repurchased.

PS – I’d just like to say that I am aware that I have previously posted about products from companies that test on animals – Going forward this won’t be the case.

Research and buy CF household products.

Cruelty free household products is something that never even crossed my mind but over time I’m going to phase out the cheap products that currently languish in our cupboard and replace them with CF, non toxic products instead. Method are a pretty well known brand that are CF, non toxic and eco friendly but they’re more expensive than other brands – Tesco have a cheaper eco friendly range but they do sell in China so it depends where you stand on that. Ecover make their bottles out of 50% ocean plastic, is plant based, has a green factory and doesn’t test on animals so they sound like a pretty good option.

Double check faux fur before buying.

Lush are running a campaign at the moment to make people aware that companies are using real fur in place of faux fur…yet they’re still advertising it as faux. I know wtf. Real fur is cheaper than faux fur in some companies hence why they use it but there’s a pretty easy way to tell if what you are buying is legit – Real fur will have pointy (almost sharp looking ends) whilst faux will be blunt or kinked. I’ll definitely be triple checking next time I buy a furry bobble hat that’s for sure.

What are your feelings on the bloggers wearing fur/Blue planet plastic/toxin segment?

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