Unwinding with L’Occitane

This is a sponsored post. Contains PR samples.

I am self confessed worrier so I’m wound pretty tight 99% of the time. Thanks to this I often find my self staring into the darkness, worrying about a million different things and struggling to get to sleep – Something I’ve documented on here before. I was starting to get a little bit fed up of yet more sleepless nights when L’Occitane got in touch with me wanting to collaborate on a little something something.  They sent me some beautiful deluxe sized bodycare samples over, both of which have slotted seamlessly into my life.

With new products comes new inspiration and I decided it was time to shake up my whole evening routine to see if it made any difference to my sleeping habits. Instead of having a shower and getting into my jammies the minute I got home from work I decided to hold off and stay in my work clothes until at least 6.30pm (by this time I’ve usually made and eaten tea aswell).

At 6.30 on the dot I now run a bath, complete with a lit candle (No 2: Blackberry Bay from Aldi if you were wondering), a face mask (usually a Lush or a Body Shop one) and L’Occitane’s lavender foaming bath*. By now we all know about the magical properties lavender holds for aiding sleep – We all went mad for the Sleepy lotion right?- and the scent of this bath soak is just delightful. It’s soothing and relaxing but doesn’t overpower my senses like other lavender products I’ve tried in the past do. Another bonus is that a little really does go a long way (so many bubbles!) as I still have quite a lot left in the container.

Once I’m out of the bath and in my towel it’s time to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Now that the temperature has dropped and the clocks have gone back my skin seems to have taken on some dragon like qualities and I keep finding little scales on my elbows, knees, face, hands and feet. I’m nipping it in the bud early though and applying generous amounts of L’Occitane’s ultra rich body lotion*.

The ultra rich body lotion contains shea, which is world renowned for it’s nourishing and protecting capabilities, aswell as calendula extract (soothing), honey and sweet almond (both of which are great for adding moisture to the skin). I’ve started to favour this over other body lotions I have in my potion drawer as it sinks into the skin instantaneously, hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin and smells so so yummy.

When I’m well and truly velvetized it’s FINALLY time to get in my jim – jams, dressing gown and slippers, all of which have been toasting nicely on various radiators around the house. By this point I’m pretty zenned out so it’s time to chill on the sofa with husband, pooch and whatever happens to be on TV that evening. As it’s practically Christmas I’ve started to indulge in a night time hot chocolate complete with a little bit of whipped cream and a marshmallow or two – I know it’s naughty to have sugar before bed but the experts always recommend a hot drink before bed right? Right?!? Once my hot chocolate is consumed I’ll try and squeeze in a few pages of my book before retiring to the boudoir.

After a few months of Bruce sleeping in our bed we decided it was finally time he slept in his own. I love the comfort of having him in the bed with us but he is such a fidgeter! He starts at the bottom of the bed and slowly works his way up, curling up in a tiny ball and digging his buttocks into the small of my back. He doesn’t like being in his own bed but man oh man it’s so much better for me (and my poor back).

I’ve been trying out this new routine for just over a week now and when you combine it with the darker nights it is definitely helping. I’m falling asleep quicker, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night and I’m rising before my alarm – Something I have never ever done!

What are your top tips for de-stressing and getting a good nights sleep? 

This is a sponsored post. Contains PR samples – All thoughts, opinions and sleepless nights are my own.

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