The Sunday Catch Up #39

The Sunday Catch Up #39

Wensleydale cheese and artisan chutney

Happy Sunday everybody!

I know it’s been really, really cold but where I live we’ve had gorgeous blue skies so it hasn’t actually been too bad. The air’s got that really crisp kinda feel to it and I’m loving it – despite needing 432 layers and the heating on full whack 24/7. I’ve managed to get all of my chores out of the way for the day so my Sunday plans pretty much revolve around watching friends, blogging and eating as much yummy food as possible – My favourite kind of day.

So how was the week that was?

Sacking off date night to watch tv and give the dog a bath

I know, rock and roll huh? Sometimes though you have to bail on the plans you made to get some adulting done. We scrapped our plans to go to Byron and instead we made a mahoosive vat of spag bol with loads of garlic bread, gave Bruce a bath cos he got all muddy in the park and caught up on I’m a Celebrity. It wasn’t what we had planned sure but it was lovely.

Taking Bruce round to my Nannies

My Nannie is terrified of dogs so when we told her we were gunna pop in on Friday night we were both surprised when Bruce got an invite. If you have a phobia of dogs I imagine he is quite scary – He’s bouncy, he’s vocal and he’s as strong as an ox – but in reality he is as soft as a marshmallow.

The latest Hashtag Authentic episode

Hashtag Authentic (the podcast hosted by Sara Tasker from Me & Orla) is great for anyone who is even slightly creative. In this weeks episode Sara interviewed storyteller Laura Jane Williams and I loved it – I’ve loved all the other episodes but I’ve been following Laura’s work since before I started blogging so I was especially invested in this one.

Attending the Ripon cathedral Christmas fair with my Nannie & Auntie

The Christmas fair is on every year but this is the first time I’ve actually attended. I went with my Nannie and Auntie and by the sound of it we arrived just before the big rush. I bought some awesome food for Christmas – Three waxed cheeses and a tomato and garlic chutney – as well as some DELICIOUS brownies (Toblerone, Oreo and Terrys chocolate orange flavoured). You know you’re getting old when you buy cheese and chutney instead of clothes and accessories don’t you?

Getting my hair cut and coloured

My hair’s been looking a bit shit lately and cos it’s a pain in the arse getting my roots done all the time, I was going to go a lot softer with the colour. Instead I dyed it pink and blue and cut a few inches off it – Life’s too short for boring hair right?

Putting the Christmas tree up

Yes you read that right, last night Jody and I put our Christmas tree up. We listened to Christmas songs, gushed over how cool our decorations are and got all giddy thinking about the upcoming celebrations. We’ve wrapped tinsel around the mantlepiece and the bannister and the presents are around the base of the tree…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas dooo doooo.

Have a lovely week!


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