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The lazy girls guide to metafit


So far I’ve shared two ‘Lazy girl’s guide to…’ posts (Barrecore and personal training) and today I have another one for you!

The lazy girl’s guide to metafit.

Before I begin – What is metafit?

Metafit is a high intensity workout that uses bodyweight and interval training. The idea behind it is that it’s supposed to carry on burning calories long after you’ve finished the class and as it’s only 30 minutes long, it’s perfect for those who are short on time or hate exercise. The only downside? It was designed by a marine and it’s hardcore (especially if you are as unfit as me).

What can you expect from the class itself?

Before I continue please bear in mind that I go to a relatively small gym in a very small city so my experience of metafit might be different to someone elses.

SO the class was pretty small, made up of around ten people. I imagine in some metafit classes the instructor comes up with all the workouts themselves (?) but in my case she had a programme playing though speakers. The programme told us what we were going to do, for how long (20-30 seconds) and then it counted down the seconds. It then told us how long our break was (usually around ten seconds) before quickly going into the next move. The instructor stood at the front of the class and demonstrated what the tape was telling us to do and how to vary it if we found the move too difficult. You start with around ten minutes of cardio (hardest part by far) then it’s 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises.

The class is ridiculously fast paced and if you are unfit like me, you will get tired pretty quickly. Make sure you take some water or if you are prone to dizziness when you do high intensity workouts, take a lucozade sport or something. The good thing about metafit is that by the time you are ready to throw in the towel (or throw up) it’s over.

How did I find it?

Honestly, it nearly killed me. Not to be over dramatic or anything but that’s the truth.

First of all, I’m really un co-ordinated so some of the moves I found quite difficult to do without falling over (like going into a plank position then touching your left knee with your right hand for 30 seconds). Then there was the odd move I just couldn’t figure out (again, thanks to my co-ordination). A lot of the work out was push up based aswell and as I can’t do one in my living room, I struggled to do it surrounded by a load of strangers – I have approximately zero upper body strength.

There were a few times when I had to stop and have a drink cos I thought I was gunna pass out but I did manage to get through the whole 30 minutes which I’m pretty pleased with.

How did I feel afterwards?

After the class I was very sweaty and very red. I got home, sat on the sofa in my gym gear and didn’t move for an hour and a half – I also demolished a takeaway chicken burger and chips #Balance. My legs really ached and I would be lying if I said I didn’t crawl up the stairs before soaking my aching body in the bath for half an hour (side note – I did go to the gym the day before so my legs were already sore from that). The next day I could really feel the burn in my legs and the day after that my arms and abs were aching. And I still couldn’t really walk.

Will I be going next week?

Despite aching for days afterwards, I have signed up for another metafit class. Even though I was by far the worst and most unfit person in the class, I really felt the benefit of it. Plus I really, really hate cardio and don’t do that much when I go to the gym – When you have an instructor watching your every move it’s a lot more motivating that sitting on the bike or climbing the stairs. So yeah, it might be a weekly thing, it might not.

Have you tried metafit? How did you find it?


  • Aimee

    22/11/2017 at 9:42 am

    Metafit sounds so easy. we have F45 in aus which is fairly similar but all i need is motivation to get my butt to the classes!

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