And that was…November

And that was…November

ripon cathedral


Illustrating my body. My new tattoo is healing nicely – I’m just waiting for that shiny layer of skin to flake off to reveal it in all it’s glory. I’ve already got a couple of ideas in mind for my next tattoo it’s just a case of waiting for my tattoo artist’s diary to open.

Attending metafit and almost dying. I gave metafit a go and whilst it nearly killed me, I enjoyed the feeling I got afterwards. Sure I ached but I did it. Yeah I wanted to throw up the entire time but I didn’t. And that’s a small victory in my book.

Getting my hair done. My hair has been grating on me for a while now and I’ve finally done something about it. Luckily Mum’s a hairdresser so it cos me zilch and it just so happens that I love it. I was going to go a lot softer with the colour but nah, I dyed it pink and blue and cut a good couple of inches off it.

Finishing my Christmas shopping. *Insert smug face here* Granted I started in September (changing jobs = half a wage) but I’m still pretty chuffed that I’ve bought everything, wrapped it and can now crack on with enjoying the festive season without worrying about going shopping.

Creating a quiz team. Yep, we are now part of a quiz team consisting of us and another couple we are friends with. The quiz is held at the pub on the corner of our road and it’s a real mixed bag of questions. Sunday just gone they also did ROCK AND ROLL BINGO and yes it was as good as it sounds.

Putting up the Christmas tree. Yes we put our tree up on Saturday #NotEvenSorry. I have some really cool decorations (pretty much all from Paperchase) so it looks really good.

Taking the first steps to living a more ethical lifestyle. If you read this post you will know that I’ve decided to be a lot more mindful of how my lifestyle affects wildlife and the environment. It’s a learning curve but I’ll get there.

Buying some beautiful notebooks to encourage me to write more (and therefore spending more time offline) and a leopard print coat that I definitely did not need. Oh well.

Reading The book of dust by Phillip Pullman. I loved ‘His Dark Materials’ and his prequel to that series turned out to be just as good. I love the idea of having a daemon though I’m not really sure what mind would be – Maybe a dog? An owl? A sloth? What would yours be?

Freezing my tits off. Omgosh the temperature has really dropped this week. I’ve been layering jumpers, coats and scarves and I’m still cold. Brr.

Goals for December

  1. Blog every day.
  2. Try not to spend all of my money on crap.
  3. Eat fish for dinner twice a week and have none meat lunches.
Hope you had a lovely November and are looking forward to December!

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