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Three picks from the 2017 Lush Halloween range


Lush halloween 2017

DISCLAIMER: Just because I’ve fallen for the Halloween/Autumn hype this year DOES NOT mean I’ll be answering the door with a bucket of sweets (I will probably be sat upstairs with the lights off, eating said sweets, on the 31st of October). Nor will I be dressing up. I genuinely hate myself for how I’ve fallen for the Halloween ranges from my favourite stores this year but I suppose I get a couple of blog posts published out of it right? 

Anyhow, before we jump into my reviews I’d just like to say that usually I avoid anything glittery from Lush at all costs but somehow this order is packed with the stuff. If you have a sensitive hoo-hah then you should maybe avoid these but I didn’t have a reaction to them.

So there’s your warning – What did I snap up from the Lush 2017 Halloween collection?

Sparkly Pumpkin – £4.25
Ingredients: Juniperberry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil

I was a little bit tentative about trying out this bubble bar purely because regular bouts of thrust + glitter do not go. ‘Cos of this I only used half the bar to test the waters and luckily there was no reaction as once in the water it wasn’t actually as glittery as I thought it was going to be! Thrush and glitter aside this bubble bar is really attractive and the smell is right up my street – Fresh, zingy but not too overpowering. It creates a decent amount of bubbles and turns the bath the colour of Fanta. This is definitely my favourite item of the bunch.

Bewitched – £4.25
Ingredients: Olibanum oil and bergamot oil

The Bewitched bubble bar is super cute but I wasn’t blown away by it. I wasn’t that keen on the scent (apparently it smells like Blackberry but I didn’t really get that? Maybe I’ve gone nose blind) and I had to use the whole bar to get a decent amount of bubbles and darkness – And if you read this post you will know that I’m cheap and like to get at least two uses out my bubble bars! Thing is, half a bar would have made the bath look a dirty grey colour which tbh wasn’t very appealing to me. For the price, the size and effect was pretty disappointing and I didn’t like the scent either – I wouldn’t bother buying it again.

Goth Fairy – £5.95
Ingredients: Bergamont oil, illite butter, almond essential oil and grapefruit oil

The Goth Fairy is miniscule so for £5.95 I was a little bit disappointed…But man it smells absolutely devine. I’m struggling to put my fingers on exactly what the scent reminds me of but I want to say sweets? Anyway, if they released a body lotion in the same scent I would snap it up with zero hesitation. This is actually a shimmer bar which, unless you want to look like a disco ball, I would recommend using sparingly. Just one swoop of the goth fairy and you will have a lovely light sheen of glitter covering your skin – It will be perfect for the upcoming festive season!

Have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween collection? Or are you saving your pennies for the Christmas stock?

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