The £1.99 leave in conditioner that you need to buy right now

Aldi Lacura leave in conditioner
When you think of Aldi what do you think of? Cut price meat? Long queues? Anxiety inducing speed scanning?

I bet you £10 that affordable – and good – hair care doesn’t spring to mind.

If I’m going to be honest I never thought of heading to Aldi for haircare. I’m not a snob or anything I just like what I like and tend to stick to what I know. It was actually my friend who alerted me to this £1.99 leave in conditioner – She said it was the best thing she had ever used for detangling, it smells delicious and is extremely purse friendly…So obviously I had to give it a try as I’m always on the lookout for a new detangler as my hair is like a birds nest without it.

I remembered it at the last minute and it took me a while to find ‘cos the packaging is pretty plain. It boasts that it is a ‘miraculous’ leave in conditioner and after trying it out I would have to agree.

The two main ingredients are Panthenol – A molecule derived from Vitamin B-5 that is used commonly in hair and skin care. This is because it attracts moisture (apparently), keeping your hair glossy and hydrated. The other ingredient is jojoba oil from Australia – After doing some research it seems like a super ingredient…it moisturises without leaving any residue,  strengthens, improves elasticity, adds shine, creates softness and it’s gentle on the scalp – I know, how good does all that sound?!

I probably spray my hair 4-5 times before giving my hair a shake up with my hands to try and disperse the product. I then brush it with my tangle teezer (if you haven’t got one…Why?) and it practically glides through the knots that seem accumulate when I wash it. I’m a bit of a baby and hate having my hair pulled so anything that makes the whole hair brushing experience a little bit easier is a winner in my book.

It also smells d-e-v-i-n-e (like berries) if you were wondering.

I then let my hair air dry (it takes years to dry with a hairdryer so I may aswell just let it drip dry) and once that process is complete I’m left with super soft, healthy looking locks. When trying out a new hair product I always worry that it will make my thin hair look lank and greasy but nope, it looked great.

For £1.99 you literally can’t go wrong and as I live round the corner from an Aldi I will never run out (unless they decide to stop stocking it…Please don’t Aldi!). Do you remember a few months ago when I raved on about the Bleach London hair elixir?  Well it can get in the bin now cos I’ve got a new love (and cos I refuse to pay £4 for shipping cos I’m from Yorkshire and I’m tight).

5 out of 5 gold stars for sure.

Have you tried anything from Aldi that’s surprised you? Comment below and let me know so I can go on a scavenge.

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  • Joanne martin

    27/03/2018 at 1:40 pm

    Love this product but can’t seem to buy it in local stores, seaham Aldi, Sunderland Aldi… could I buy online ?

  • Joanne martin

    29/03/2018 at 6:01 pm

    Need to buy a box of lacura leave in conditioner…

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