5 things I’m looking forward to in October

5 things I’m looking forward to in October

Bruce on a Autumn morning walk
This post is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – 5 things I’m looking forward to in October.
A three day weekend.

Husband and I were supposed to be going to Berlin on Saturday but as we now have a pooch (and are broke) we’ve decided to cancel our trip. It’s a shame but it’s the right thing to do as it wouldn’t be fair to leave Bruce so soon after adopting him. Even though the trip’s been cancelled we still have the Monday off and I can’t wait to have a chilled out three day weekend. So far we’ve planned a de-gunge of the house, a big old dog walk, some serious binge watching and maybe a nice pub lunch somewhere.

Glossier’s UK launch on the 9th of October.

So this one might be a little bit sad but cult US brand Glossier are launching in the UK on Monday! I can’t really afford to be splurging on skincare but I guess as I’m not going to Berlin anymore I can maybe treat myself to a thing or two?!? At the moment I’ve got my eye on the milky jelly cleanser, the mask duo, haloscope in quartz and the birthday balm dotcom. I suppose we will just have to see how much it all costs in £££ first.

Starting my new job.

As mentioned I start my new job on the sixteenth and whilst I’m really nervous I can’t wait to get my teeth into a new industry. I’m going to have a lot more independence and variety in my new place of work which I’m really looking forward too as at the moment I feel quite boxed in. Oh and did I mention I will be getting almost two weeks off for Christmas? YAY!

Seeing Nick Helm live in Leeds.

We bought our Nick Helm tickets months ago and it feels like we have been waiting for it to come round for ages. We will be heading to Leeds straight from work on the 20th (so it’s the perfect way to round off my first week at my new job) and hopefully we’ll have enough time to go grab some drinks somewhere before the show starts. I love Nick Helm’s stand up (he’s so shouty!) but there is always that dread that we will get picked on so I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that we get seated in the middle somewhere and not at the front.

The Walking Dead S8 premiere.

At the time of typing this I’m on episode six, season three of the Walking Dead so I actually have almost five seasons to get through before TWD season 8 premiere on the 23nd. I’m pretty confident that husband and I will get through them though as we did S1-2 in a week AND we have the aforementioned cheeky three day weekend where we can dedicate a good chunk of time to ploughing through them. Yep, I’m addicted, I’m aware.

What are you looking forward to this month?



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  1. Nat says:

    Best of luck with the job!!

    Enjoy the long weekend (if it hasn’t passed already). I find it is generally nice to stay put for a long weekend as everyone else is going somewhere so your own area becomes a lot quieter. 🙂

    October is a busy month mostly due to work. But I have a very short trip coming up next week which I am excited for!

  2. Ohh new job will be exciting! Hope it goes well! It’s always hard when you have to cancel trips but sounds as though it’s for the right reasons- make sure you have a suuuper relaxing weekend to make up for it 🙂

    • Alrightblondie says:

      Sorry for such a late response! Cancelling our trip actually turned out to be a great idea cos I was struck down with a cold! Can’t think of anything worse than traipsing around Berlin with a blocked nose, chesty cough and stuffy head….xx

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