Two Lush bubble bars that are worth investing in

Two Lush bubble bars that are worth investing in

Since making my first online Lush order in February I have become a true blown addict, making an order every couple of months (and going wild when new collections i.e Christmas are announced). I’ve tried and tested a large variety of products in the space of 7 months but my very favourite line of products have to be the bubble bars. All the ones I’ve used thus far smell great and you get so much more for your money. Bath bombs are pretty sure but a £5 bath bomb does one bath whereas a £5 bubble bar can be stretched as far as you want to stretch it – I know which one I would rather go for!

Anywho as someone who is slowly working their way through the Lush bubble bars I thought I would recommend two of my absolute faves – One is a classic that every blogger recommends and the other one smells like a Summer’s day. These are the two bubble bars that I would recommend to people who are new to Lush and aren’t quite sure where to start.
The Comforter – £4.95
Ingredients: Bergamont Oil, Cassis Absolute, Cypress Oil

When I opened up my Lush parcel I was pretty surprised by just how hefty the Comforter bubble bar is. You get a whole lot of bubble bar for £4.95 and I imagine I’ll probably be able to get at least 5 baths out of it (I don’t use loads of product as I’m susceptible to Thrush – nice). If you haven’t had a sniff of The Comforter before, it has a warm, sweet, berry scent that you could quite happily wrap yourself in – hence the name (I assume anyways). I used a nubbin from the end of the bar and my bath turned a lovely pink colour with a decent blanket of bubbles coating the surface so it’s safe to say I was fairly impressed and will be repurchasing.

Brightside – £4.95
Ingredients: Tangerine Oil, Bergamont Oil, Gardenia Extract

This bubble bar is packed with Mandarin and Tangerine oil so it smells deliciously summery and light – perfect for lifting your spirits on a miserable, grey September day. Brightside turns the bath a dull orange colour (but bare in mind I only used a fifth of a bar so maybe it’s brighter if you use more) which isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the Comforter but the smell? Wow. I felt like I was bathing in freshly squeezed orange juice. It didn’t produce quite as many bubbles as the Comforter did but it didn’t stop me from enjoying my bath any less – It just smelt so zingy and fresh.

What is your favourite thing to buy from Lush? I’m always looking for recommendations!

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