How to find smaller bloggers to follow

How to find smaller bloggers to follow

How to find small bloggers to follow - image of blogosphere magazineWhenever I go on the Bloglovin popular pages I’m always bombarded by the same bloggers, day in, day out. These are the bloggers that have huge followings, beauty lines, book deals – and to be honest, I’d rather spend my time reading smaller blogs: Ones where the photos aren’t quite as glossy and the writing is a lot more raw. The ones I can relate to as a very small blogger*.

Check the smaller hashtags on instagram

A great way to find new blogs is to have a look through some of the smaller hashtags on Instagram. Sara Tasker from Me & Orla sends out a list of hashtags every month in her newsletter and they tend to be hashtags with under 10k posts – In August we had #ThisPrettyEngland and #SmallMomentsOfCalm. A personal favourite of mine is #HappySelves, a hashtag that Bee set up – There are some really beautiful images to look at and I find that a lot of them are a lot more ‘instant’ if you know what I mean.

We all know how hard it can be to grow on Instagram these days so engaging with the smaller hashtags will hopefully mean people are more likely to engage with your images and your blog. Be sure to check out their bio for a blog link and if you really enjoy what you read then comment, share or follow so they know you like what they are doing.

Stalk the comment section of your favourite blogs

One sure fire way to find a variety of bloggers is to stalk the comments section of other blogs that you enjoy reading! By stalking other blog’s comment sections you’ll come across bloggers from all different genres, some with large followings, some with smaller. I’ve found some of my favourite blogs this way.

Get involved with Twitter chats or keep an eye out for follow trains/threads.

Sometimes it can be hard to get involved with Twitter chats especially if you’re busy/shy but they’re really beneficial when it comes to growing your following, getting some engagement and – you guessed it – finding other bloggers to connect with!

My favourite chats are as follows: The #lbloggers chat on a Sunday night at 7pm (variety of topics, lots of people get involved, great time as you are usualy vegged on the sofa), the #AFilmClub chat on a Thursday at 7pm (spend an hour talking to fellow film lovers about different kinds of films and genres – find the list of upcoming chats here) and the Ice Lolly holiday chat which is one Wednesday a month at 8pm (All about travel, bloggers from different fields get involved, only once a month!).

Aswell as joining in with the odd Twitter chat you should also keep an eye out for threads or follow trains. Sorry to mention her again but Bee did a great one the other day encouraging people to leave their Instagram links and engage with other people on said thread. It’s a really positive thing to do and if you have a spare five you should definitely have a flick through – I found some great new accounts/blogs through it!

How do you find new blogs to follow? Do you do any of these things?

*That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the content of the ‘bigger bloggers’ – I just like a bit of variety that’s all.


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  1. What a lovely post! I really need to participate in more twitter chats but lately I don’t find the topics all that relevant to me, but I need to up my game here! It’s also (for me) finding those (smaller) bloggers in their late twenties/early thirties that offer a slightly maturer conversation. #30plusblogs is a great hashtag for this too. 🙂

    • Alrightblondie says:

      To be fair I have to agree with you. A lot of the chat topics seem to be directed at bloggers with a bigger reach than I (especially the blogosphere chat) so I don’t really get involved anymore. Oooh Ill have to check out the #30plusblogs! xxx

  2. Love this post! I recently started blogging (erm..yesterday) and I am doing my best to start connecting with others. I will definitely check that newsletter out so I can support my fellow #bloggingtribe.

    Your blog is gorgeous by the way! I would love if you would be willing to check mine out and share some thoughts with me – don’t hold back!

  3. Rebecca says:

    The beauty of it is; I love reading blogs big and small. Often you’ll find it’s the smaller blogs whose posts are relatable x

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