Welcome to the new and improved Alright Blondie

Welcome to the new and improved Alright Blondie

Alright Blondie new look

Hello and welcome to the new and (I like to think) improved Alright Blondie.

After debating it for some quite some time I decided to invest some money into my blog to make it a little bit jazzier and a lot more me. You can probably tell Alright Blondie has had a bit of a facelift but there’s been quite a bit of action going on behind the scenes aswell! Having my blog refreshed has given me a massive boost in confidence and motivation and I  absolutely love it – I hope you guys like it too!

Jasmin gave my blog a thorough audit and gave me some direction on where to go next.

I’ve been blogging for three years now and over that time I’ve experimented with various writing styles and niches. Eventually I decided that having a set niche wasn’t working for me so now I just post whatever I want. Jasmin pointed out that whilst this is great I also need to make my posts shareable so now that’s at the forefront of my mind when it comes to creating content.

Read all about the services Jasmine offers here.

But the biggest change? I’ve finally migrated over to WordPress and gone self hosted.

Jasmin also suggested that I go self hosted and consider a template with no errors (apparently my previous one had errors – I had no idea!) and after some deliberation I thought fuck it and decided to go for it, despite the expense. I employed Kotryna Bass to do the migration for me as I’ve heard great things about her and her service was very resonably priced. I’d have loved to have done it myself but I’m not very technologically minded and didn’t want to lose three years worth of work! So far I’m loving WordPress – It’s so much more user (and seo) friendly.

My migration also came with a snazzy new design.

Probably the most noticeable difference is Alright Blondie’s new look. My migration came with a free wordpress template and this one appealed to me the most. It had all the features I wanted (drop down menus, plenty of social media icons, an Instagram widget running along the bottom, a read more button AND it’s pink!) and it just looks so much more me.

My About Me and Contact pages have had a revamp.

Another bit of advice from my blog audit was to refresh my about and contact pages. I really struggle writing them so I kept them very basic but with a bit of encouragement I’ve expanded them and they’re a lot more informative now. My about page could do with a few more words but for now it will do (Does anyone else struggle writing an about page or is it just me?).

And so have my categories and content

Before my redesign my categories were quite vague but now I have two drop down menus – Travel & Lifestyle – and each of these has a handful of sub categories underneath. I still need to go through all my old posts and re-categorise them (aswell as resizing the images) so please be patient as it’s a complete ballache of a job!

There are still a few more bits and bobs that need sorting – a new header for example – but overall I’m really glad I made the decision to chuck a bit of money at my blog cos I much prefer this version of Alright Blondie to the old one.

Have a lovely evening!

Ps apologies for the crap photo. It’s Autumn y’know? I’ll be replacing it over the weekend when there’s some natural light.

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