Monday, 7 August 2017

Five good things #12

1. Lunch with my Mum and my Nannie
Last Monday (I had the day off remember) I went out for dinner with two of my favourite people in the world and it was great. We went to The Tiger Inn in Coneythorpe and it was bloody delicious. The chicken liver pate was super creamy and the ham hock gratin had loads of flavour and was just mmmm. It was nice going out with just my Mum and Nan as usually the littlies accompany us and as wonderful as they are they haven't quite mastered sitting still, keeping quiet and eating tidily just yet.

2. Feeling inspired to write
Throughout July I only published seven blog posts, four of which were part of this series. I was struggling to find inspiration, I was stressed out with work etc and I just couldn't be arsed. I thought my photos were shit and that no-one bar my family read my blog anyway so what was the point? Well I've gotten over myself and I'm feeling pretty good about all the posts I have hidden in my drafts folder. I'm not a glossy editorial person so I don't know why I was beating myself up over not having a glossy editorial blog. There's no niche, the photos are all taken on my iPhone 7 and I'm writing what I like to write. It's a good feeling.

3. Miss Selfridge mom jeans
I've been seeing Mom jeans everywhere and this week I caved and bought some. The pair linked above were actually £38 but thanks to a student discount card and an A list voucher I got them for £29.20 - Winner. I wasn't sure if the fit would suit me but I actually really like them. They are super comfy and I'm already eyeing up a Topshop pair.

4. This month's Melt Crowd box
I signed up to the Melt Crowd last month and whilst the Pool Party box was pretty cool, Shell Yeah is much more me. These wax melts are so pleasing on the eye, they smell INCREDIBLE (This month's faves are pink prosecco and candy shop) and it's only a tenner inc P&P per month for 8 melts - I think that's a great deal considering they last forever aswell (I'm only just on my second melt!). If you're bored of beauty boxes then the Melt Crowd is definitely for you.

5. Dunkirk
On Saturday I went to the cinema to see Dunkirk - What a movie. I'm not usually a fan of war films but this was just incredible. I'm not gunna waffle on about it but trust me - Go see it. SO intense but SO good.

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. never heard of Melt Crowd Box need to check them out.

  2. Feeling inspired to write is always helpful!!