Wednesday, 5 July 2017

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

Summer's okay isn't it? There's flowers everywhere, you can sit in the garden after work and everyone is in a good mood buuuuut despite my love for ice cream and pretty dresses, I'll always be more of an Autumn/Winter baby.

So when the temperature dropped, the clouds gathered and H20 came pouring from the skies last week I was pretty chuffed, won't lie.. Most people I know were pretty disappointed about this but not me. Nope, the rain was very welcome in my eyes - You only need to take one look at my ghostly pallor to figure out that the sun and I don't see eye to eye.

When people asked me why I loved the rain so much I was pretty quick to fire back a couple of response et voila! This post was born...

1. Everything looks super green and pretty thanks to the grey skies and wet ground.

2. After weeks of eating light dinners consisting of pasta, salad and sandwiches you can dig into some heavy duty carbs smothered in gravy.

3. I can dig out all my light jackets - They hide a multitude of sins and instantly jazz up an outfits (plus - sleeves. I love sleeves).

4. The air is so much fresher after a good rain storm and it no longer feels like you're inhaling smog.

5. Going to bed isn't a chore anymore as you don't spend the night fighting with the duvet or switching the fan on and off cos it no longer feels like you're sleeping in a volcano.

7. You don't feel obligated to go out at the weekend anymore - Who wants to go out when it's pissing down? Not me.

8. The Pj's and blankys can come out of the cupboard for a few days yay!

9. The candles are also back in action as they no longer add to the hell like temperature of your living room/bedroom and actually add a nice bit of ambience.

10. You don't have to wash your car for a while cos all the dust and grime has been washed away by the rain (Yes this is me and yes I am lazy. I know).

11. No more chub rub/chafing/sticking to leather chairs/leaving a small puddle on every item of plastic furniture you sit on.

12. It doesn't matter if you leave your sunglasses at home/work/in the car because you can open you're eyes outdoors without being blinded by the sun.

13. That extra 5/10 minutes spent slapping on suncream before you leave the house are no more, hurrah!

14. Your sugar intake drastically reduces as you are no longer inhaling ice lollies and fizzy pop like a dog that's been running around a field for half an hour at full speed.

15. Make up is no longer going to waste as it's staying on your face for longer than 5 milliseconds thanks to the lack of Sahara like heat.

16. The air feels super crisp, fresh and clean cos man we really needed that rain huh?

17. Friends are no longer ringing you up asking if you fancy doing something cos the sun's out. Back to hibernation we non people people go.

18. Baths are back on the cards. No-one wants a bath when you're house is like sauna do they?

19. Dare I say it....It get's you in the mood for Costa and blankets and thick knits and yankee candles and...Christmaaaaas (Sorry. Sort of).

What's your favourite season?

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  1. I AM THE SAME!! storms in summers are the perfect moments!!

    xx from Italy
    Cate //