Monday, 10 July 2017

Five good things #9

lush sleepy body lotiom

1. We've booked another city break
I've spent my last three birthdays abroad - Perth, Phuket and Amsterdam - and my 26th in January is going to be no different. I'm not gunna spill the beans just yet (although I've already mentioned it on Twitter) as I've got a little post in the pipeline that goes into more detail so yeah, that'll be live this week.

2. Seeing Blink 182 at Leeds Arena
Blink 182 have been one of my favourite bands for aslong as I can remember and this was my fifth time seeing them live (My first time was when I was 12 - When did I get so old?!?) - I wasn't sure how it would be now that there is no Tom but I had nothing to worry about as they were fucking incredible. So much energy, loads of pyrotechnics and a shit tonne of songs, old and new. I ached so badly on Thursday from all the dancing I did!

3. The Warriors for PS4
The last few weeks have been pretty shit so to take my mind off things the husband decided to buy The Warriors for the PS4. After spending the day at Coney Island and watching the movie I'm now a mega fan and despite not being much of a gamer, I'm loving spending our evenings on The Warriors - Makes a nice to change to vegging out in front of the TV.

4. Lush Sleepy body lotion
My sleeping problem has reared it's ugly head again and when nothing else would work, I bought a pot of Sleepy body lotion out of desperation. Well it's worked wonders. I like to slap some on my arms and around my nose/temples before bed and within minutes I'm in the land of nod. I think it smells like a microwaveable heat bag and Jody thinks it smells like biscuits but we both agree that it smells devine. I'll deifnitely be buying a bigger tub next time.

5. Glitter Dr Martens
Dr Martens are one of my favourite footwear brands but due to the price I only own a couple of pairs (i.e. not enough). When I saw these babies (Affiliate) I knew that I neeeeeded them and thanks to my NUS card and a 10£ ASOS a list voucher I got them for 89£ instead of 110£. They are everything I thought they would be and more - They are basically me in shoe form.

And that's it for another week, happy Monday!

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  1. Spending birthdays abroad is the best, I try and do a trip every year. Super excited to see where you're going