Monday, 31 July 2017

Five good things #11

1. Casefile podcast
There's a high possibility I've mentioned this podcast before (I've definitely mentioned it on twitter a couple of times) and that's because it's really really good. If you are into true crime this is one for you as the podcast is really in depth and well researched.

2. M&S Potato Salad
I love me some potato salad and after sampling some of the supermarket's offerings, Marks and Spencer's version definitely comes out on top. It's not too mayo-ey and the potato are the perfect softness (if that makes sense). YUM.

3. Pulled pork
I've eaten out twice this week and both times I've opted for a pulled pork sandwich. I dunno what it is but at the moment I can't get enough. The sandwich pictured was from the B&B we stayed in in Penrith and my God it was bloody delicious. We really struck gold with the B&B by the way, the room was so nice and the staff were lovely too.

4. Feeder
I mentioned that the Kendal Calling line up was a bit crap this year but one band I was really looking forward to was Feeder. I saw them do the greatest hits at Leeds Festival a few years ago and they were amazing so I was over the moon when they did a similar set list at Kendal. They did all the classics and it was great having a sing a long to songs I loved since I was a youth.

5. Precinct seven five
Precinct seven five is a documentary on Netflix that tells the story of a small group of corrupt cops in the NYPD in the late 80's/early 90's. It was actually really good and I would highly recommend giving it a go if you're looking for a gritty documentary to watch.

Happy Monday!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Fri-Yay: Kendal Calling bound

Good morning guys!

I had all good intentions to get back to my blogging Mon-Wed-Fri schedule this week but alas, it didn't happen because 1) I'm lazy 2) I couldn't be bothered taking photos and 3) I've been far too invested in crime dramas to open up my macbook. So instead of something pre planned you're getting a spontaneous catch up post about what I'm up to this weekend - HI!

I'm actually heading over to Cumbria this afternoon to attend Kendal Calling (You might recall me going there last year but if not you can read the post here) a small festival held at Lowther Deer Park. The line up isn't really blowing my skirt up this year although I am really excited to see The Stereophonics and Feeder again.

This year we made the decision to stay in a hotel instead of the campsite as we are the only people out of our friend group going this year and I cannot tell you how pleased I am at past me for making that decision - If you live up North you will have noticed the non stop rain that we've had this week, meaning the site will most likely be extremely boggy and gross.

No thanks.

So instead we will be heading to The Sun Inn in Penrith, a twenty minute drive from the festival site. The hotel has warm showers, flushing toilets, comfy looking beds and a lovely looking restaurant - much more appealing than three days of baby wipe washes, dirty portaloos, the hard ground and scabby looking burgers if you ask me!

I'll be home on Sunday (Thank God, I don't think I would be able to hack three days in a muddy field) and Monday - which I have off work - is going to be dedicated to cobbling some blog posts together ready for the coming week (aswell as waiting in for my Tesco food shop and going to the docs for blood tests #Glam).

And I guess that's it - I'll be back on Monday with a five good things post and there will be a couple of other bits and bobs coming to you over the course of the week (that's if I get my act together anyways).

 Au Revoir!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Five good things #10

1. My family.
The last few weeks have been really really rough on my family and the only good thing to come from this crappy crapshow is that we are spending a lot more time together. My family are
a lot of fun and I love spending time with them so yeah, I hope it carries on <3

2. A fresh cut and colour
After a few months of having shoulder length hair I've finally had it cut short again. I do like it longer but it annoys me something rotten so I'm glad to be rid of it to be honest. I also had my roots bleached - YAY! Having a hairdresser for a momma is as awesome as it sounds.

3. New plant pals
I've kept my zebra cacti alive for five months now so I decided it was time to graduate to some spiky cacti. I got the two above from B&Q from the 'Thank the teacher' section - The big one was a fiver and the little one was £4. I had good intentions to only buy the one but I couldn't resist the little guy with the moustache and sombrero!

4. Primark t shirt midi dresses 
Midi dresses were something I never thought I could rock but turns out I can. I picked up a really nice calf length t shirt dress in khaki from Primark and I loved it so much I went back and bought a black one. They're great for the all over the place weather we are having at the moment and are so easy to style (I tend to go with black boots and a leather jacket).

5. Fearless
I spent my Sunday binge watching Fearless, a 6 part ITV drama starring Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy). I won't spoil it for anyone but I thought it was amazing and she was fabulous in it. It starts out as a simple who dunnit but it's nowhere near as straightforward as that. A must watch in my books.

Happy Monday!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Five good things #9

lush sleepy body lotiom

1. We've booked another city break
I've spent my last three birthdays abroad - Perth, Phuket and Amsterdam - and my 26th in January is going to be no different. I'm not gunna spill the beans just yet (although I've already mentioned it on Twitter) as I've got a little post in the pipeline that goes into more detail so yeah, that'll be live this week.

2. Seeing Blink 182 at Leeds Arena
Blink 182 have been one of my favourite bands for aslong as I can remember and this was my fifth time seeing them live (My first time was when I was 12 - When did I get so old?!?) - I wasn't sure how it would be now that there is no Tom but I had nothing to worry about as they were fucking incredible. So much energy, loads of pyrotechnics and a shit tonne of songs, old and new. I ached so badly on Thursday from all the dancing I did!

3. The Warriors for PS4
The last few weeks have been pretty shit so to take my mind off things the husband decided to buy The Warriors for the PS4. After spending the day at Coney Island and watching the movie I'm now a mega fan and despite not being much of a gamer, I'm loving spending our evenings on The Warriors - Makes a nice to change to vegging out in front of the TV.

4. Lush Sleepy body lotion
My sleeping problem has reared it's ugly head again and when nothing else would work, I bought a pot of Sleepy body lotion out of desperation. Well it's worked wonders. I like to slap some on my arms and around my nose/temples before bed and within minutes I'm in the land of nod. I think it smells like a microwaveable heat bag and Jody thinks it smells like biscuits but we both agree that it smells devine. I'll deifnitely be buying a bigger tub next time.

5. Glitter Dr Martens
Dr Martens are one of my favourite footwear brands but due to the price I only own a couple of pairs (i.e. not enough). When I saw these babies (Affiliate) I knew that I neeeeeded them and thanks to my NUS card and a 10£ ASOS a list voucher I got them for 89£ instead of 110£. They are everything I thought they would be and more - They are basically me in shoe form.

And that's it for another week, happy Monday!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Exploring NYC with a City Pass


I left New York City feeling like I had found another home - The only other places I've had that feeling are in Chiang Mai and (anywhere) in Scotland. I felt instantly comfortable there and navigating the blocks, riding the subway and walking around Times Square at 1am felt completely natural to me. After finally experiencing NYC for myself I definitely understand what all the fuss is about - Even my city hating husband was googling if we could live there which was more amazing that NYC itself.

Before we went we decided to spent £92 ($122) on a city pass as we knew we would want to see all of the touristy things with it being our first visit. I would say that the city pass definitely made our visit a lot easier (although you don't really get to jump any queues as everyone else has had the same idea) so if it's your first time I would recommend that you look into getting one as it works out much cheaper than paying for each attraction individually. 

Next time we go to NYC (cos there will definitely be a next time!) we probably won't bother with any of the touristy things (I tell a lie - Jody wants to go to the top of Lady Liberty's crown) but I think seeing these attractions is something you simply have to do when you first visit NYC.


Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (Circle Line cruises)
Seeing the Statue of Liberty was number one on Jody's NYC bucket list so we decided to do it on the first day. We have seen the statue in so many movies and tv shows so seeing it with our own eyes was actually pretty surreal. It was a lot smaller than I expected but that doesn't mean it wasn't impressive. Unfortunately we never booked Pedestal or Crown tickets (they sell out in months in advance) but we still got to have a good look at her. Not gunna lie, we got the boat to Ellis Island, walked in and pretty much walked straight out and got on the next boat back to Battery Park - We just weren't that interested in it.


The 9/11 Memorial and Museum
The 9/11 memorial and museum affected me a lot more than expected as I'm known for being a bit on an ice queen. To see where the Twin Towers once stood was unreal as I never imagined them to be that big. Knowing that 3,000 people had lost their lives where I was standing was just so saddening. The museum itself is full of things collected from the debris - Crushed fire engines, people's belongings, even the buckled steel from where the plane hit one of the towers. The hardest part of the museum however was seeing all the missing posters and my heart broke reading every single one. I came out of the museum feeling pretty blue but I think it's so important to remember all those that lost their lives that day, and all those who are still suffering because of it.


The American Museum of Natural History
The Natural History Museum in London is one of my most favourite places in the world but the AMNH in NYC was just too big. It was hot, full of school kids and badly sign posted so we kept getting lost. If you have the time/patience then I'm sure it's great but it just wasn't for me. I did love the animal/taxidermy displays though as they were much grander than the London ones - The ones here are all bundled in glass cases whereas the NYC ones have proper scenery.


Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock had a ridiculous queue but I tell you what, it was bloody worth it and probably my number one thing to do in NYC (just a shame about the crap weather we got). You can see Central Park from one side and the Empire State Building from the other which was really cool. We spent quite a while up there and if you put a couple of quarters in the binoculars you can spot Lady Liberty. If you do anything in NYC, do this.
Empire State BUILDING

The Empire State Building
We went to the Empire State Building at night so it was really cool seeing NYC lit up - We didn't see the stars the whole time we were there and after seeing all the lights I know why. We went at ten pm and it was still absolutely manic so I dread to think what it's like during the day. We had to queue to get to the railings so we could take photos which was a bit of a bummer but I suppose when you go to one of the biggest cities in the world you aren't going to have a private tour of everything are you?

Would you consider buying a city pass? Or would you rather wing it?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

Summer's okay isn't it? There's flowers everywhere, you can sit in the garden after work and everyone is in a good mood buuuuut despite my love for ice cream and pretty dresses, I'll always be more of an Autumn/Winter baby.

So when the temperature dropped, the clouds gathered and H20 came pouring from the skies last week I was pretty chuffed, won't lie.. Most people I know were pretty disappointed about this but not me. Nope, the rain was very welcome in my eyes - You only need to take one look at my ghostly pallor to figure out that the sun and I don't see eye to eye.

When people asked me why I loved the rain so much I was pretty quick to fire back a couple of response et voila! This post was born...

1. Everything looks super green and pretty thanks to the grey skies and wet ground.

2. After weeks of eating light dinners consisting of pasta, salad and sandwiches you can dig into some heavy duty carbs smothered in gravy.

3. I can dig out all my light jackets - They hide a multitude of sins and instantly jazz up an outfits (plus - sleeves. I love sleeves).

4. The air is so much fresher after a good rain storm and it no longer feels like you're inhaling smog.

5. Going to bed isn't a chore anymore as you don't spend the night fighting with the duvet or switching the fan on and off cos it no longer feels like you're sleeping in a volcano.

7. You don't feel obligated to go out at the weekend anymore - Who wants to go out when it's pissing down? Not me.

8. The Pj's and blankys can come out of the cupboard for a few days yay!

9. The candles are also back in action as they no longer add to the hell like temperature of your living room/bedroom and actually add a nice bit of ambience.

10. You don't have to wash your car for a while cos all the dust and grime has been washed away by the rain (Yes this is me and yes I am lazy. I know).

11. No more chub rub/chafing/sticking to leather chairs/leaving a small puddle on every item of plastic furniture you sit on.

12. It doesn't matter if you leave your sunglasses at home/work/in the car because you can open you're eyes outdoors without being blinded by the sun.

13. That extra 5/10 minutes spent slapping on suncream before you leave the house are no more, hurrah!

14. Your sugar intake drastically reduces as you are no longer inhaling ice lollies and fizzy pop like a dog that's been running around a field for half an hour at full speed.

15. Make up is no longer going to waste as it's staying on your face for longer than 5 milliseconds thanks to the lack of Sahara like heat.

16. The air feels super crisp, fresh and clean cos man we really needed that rain huh?

17. Friends are no longer ringing you up asking if you fancy doing something cos the sun's out. Back to hibernation we non people people go.

18. Baths are back on the cards. No-one wants a bath when you're house is like sauna do they?

19. Dare I say it....It get's you in the mood for Costa and blankets and thick knits and yankee candles and...Christmaaaaas (Sorry. Sort of).

What's your favourite season?

Monday, 3 July 2017

Five good things #8


1. A surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to work
I've had a pretty shitty week so when  a bouquet of purple and pink (my favourite colours) flowers showed up at work it definitely brightened my day. Almost a week later and they are still going pretty strong - Points to the husband me thinks.

2. Booking in for my next tattoo
After watching the re-run of Season 5 of Ink Master Jody and I both got that 'I need a new tattoo itch'. I've booked in with Aimee for a thigh piece in September and cannot wait to have something new adorning my body - I can probably wait for the pain though cos I'm a total wuss.

3. Milky bar with smarties
Let week I was obsessed with Milka, this week it's Milky bar with Smarties just out of the fridge *Que Homer Simpson style drool*. I'm not usually one for bulk buying white chocolate as it is far too sickly but this stuff is just beautiful. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever thought it would be a good idea.

4. This ASOS body
I actually bought this body last year but I lost it when we moved and it was no longer on the website. I've been keeping an eye out for a similar one and at the beginning of the week I discovered they had restocked it - YAY! I love a good bodysuit as I believe they hide a multitude of sins and I especially love the high neck sleeveless style of this one in particular. Super soft material too.

5. A Bloody Mary Metal post day
I bought two BMM rings a while back (post here) then decided to put myself on a ban cos they aren't exactly cheap. Wellll I finally broke that ban this week and purchased the beautiful Crossbones ring that I have been lusting after for what feels like forever. I didn't feel too guilty about splashing out on it as I used my overtime money and felt like it was a well deserved treat for working so hard over the few weeks. BMM = <3

Happy Monday!