Friday, 16 June 2017

What I Watched Holiday Edition

what I watched holiday edition - chip mug

I may have been on holiday but that didn't stop me from watching 5 brand new (to me) movies, three of which were on aeroplanes and two of which were in the AMC cinema near Times Square. I really enjoyed the bulk of these movies and it felt nice to resurrect my 'what I watched' series from last year.

So...What did I watch?

Even though Sing is a children's film I think a lot of adult's will be able to relate to some of the character's stories - There's the koala who is drowning in debt and trying to keep his business alive, the pig who feels like she has lost a part of herself after having kids,the gorilla who wants to break away from the family business, the porcupine with a broken heart and the elephant with crippling anxiety. Relate to any of those? I know I do. Aswell as having a good story the songs are a lot of fun and you will be bopping away in your seat, I guarantee.

Beauty and the Beast
As a kid I preferred Disney movies with a strong animal lead (Simba I'm looking at you) so whilst I liked Beauty and the Beast, it wasn't one of my all time faves which is why I think I bloody loved the live action (I saw a lot of harcore B&TB fans saying that they didn't really like it). I loveloveloved the casting of Belle and Gaston, I enjoyed the little extra insight into Belle's backstory and the music was bloody fantastic - I had 'Be Our Guest' in my head for days after watching.

Let me say this : Don't go into the cinema expecting a stellar bit of cinema that will move you and blow your mind cos you will come away severely disappointed. However if you go in expecting a bit of smut, some good giggles and plenty of topless Zac Efron then you are in luck. It's extremely far fetched in places but going by what I've heard about the original TV show that's the whole point - It's very aware that it's a silly comedy and to be honest it's a bit of fun and all the naysayers obviously don't have a sense of fun.

Wonder Woman
I turned the first Cavill/Superman movie off and Suicide Squad could have been a bazillion times better but Wonder Woman was near on flawless. Gal Gadot is not only a ridiculously beautiful woman but she also plays Diana fabulously - She portrays her as a powerful warrior with a wonderful innocence that works fantastically. The chemistry and humour between her and Steve/Chris Pine is unreal and I could have watched them share the screen all day. Take some tissues for the end!

The Lego Batman Movie
Sorry to end this on a bad note but I watched this on the red eye home and to be honest I wans't blown away - It might have been 'cos I was really tired but the story line didn't really grab me. Maybe I was just a tad too old for it? It did have some comedic moments though so I wouldn't say avoid it...Maybe just wait til it's on Sky Premiere or Netflix instead of buying it.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?

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