My five favourite Las Vegas experiences


Las Vegas was an interesting town crammed with people, bright lights everywhere you turn and 40 degree heat that hits you square in the face the minute you leave the lovely air conditioned hotel. I don’t think I will be in any rush to head back there as it was super busy and hot but I’m glad that I’ve experienced the weird and wonderful Sin City.

I’m pretty crap at introducing my posts so I’m just gunna crack on with it – Here are my five favourite experiences from my week in Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas
I preferred downtown Las Vegas to the strip as it’s exactly how I imagined Las Vegas to be. Thousands of twinkling lights, vintage looking signs and heaps of people milling around taking everything in. The newer strip was cool and all but it was a bit too flash for me and didn’t have the same buzzing atmosphere as Old Vegas (It was a lot cheaper than the strip as well). I didn’t make it to the Neon Museum unfortunately but I did go to the Mob Museum which I would highly recommend if you’re into true crime and gangsters like I am.

Hopping in a helicopter and flying over the Grand Canyon
It’s safe to say that I am bloody terrified of flying and after getting a little hopper plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon I’m even more scared than I was before – But I bloody LOVED the helicopter ride in and out of the Grand Canyon. Taking off and flying into the Canyon was like being on a not so scary rollercoaster and my God, it was amazing. The Grand Canyon is a pretty spectacular sight to behold too, it’s just a shame that some tourists felt the need to play music from speakers and ruin the ambience of the place (yes that really happened!).

The Venetian hotel
The hotels on the main strip are huge. Someone told me they were like shopping centre’s and I thought she was exaggerating but nope, they’re bloody massive. My favourite had to be The Venetian with it’s artificial river, singing gondoliers and exquisite design – it’s absolutely bizarre, a little bit tacky but totally mesmerising. Plus it had a Sephora so yeah, amazing.

Watching the Bellagio fountains from the Eiffel Tower
The Bellagio fountains were nice to watch from the ground but when we went up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel we got an even better view of them. The tower itself is 33 stories high, took 2 years to build and cost 780 million dollars (!!!) to create and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s a must do, if you want some good views of the strip it’s definitely worth paying the $25 to go up and have a nosey.

The flower carousel at the Wynn
I got a little bit lost inside the Wynn so I’m not 100% sure where this carousel is – We walked through the shopping centre doors and followed it around and came across it by accident – but it’s stunning. The carousel actually moves around and it’s adorned with hundred’s of flowers. It’s just really, really pretty and bonus, it’s free to look at.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you think. Crazy isn’t it!

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