Huckleberry’s Diner, York

Huckleberry's Diner, York
We aren’t blessed with American style diners where I live so we have to head to York or Leeds to get our fix most of the time. One such diner that was recommended to the boyfriend and I was Huckleberry’s, a roadhouse/grill/man vs food type of establishment that was a 45 minute drive from our house.

On bank holiday Monday (the day before we flew to Vegas) we decided we couldn’t wait 24 hours for our diner fix and decided to succumb to pressure and try the place out. Not gunna lie, from the outside it wasn’t the most impressive of establishments but inside had a nice atmosphere, full of lovely staff and plenty of choice. 
Unfortunately we didn’t pre book so we had a fifteen minute wait BUT we kind of expected it with it being a bank holiday so meh (my advice is definitely to pre book, especially if there are more than two of you)
Huckleberry's Diner, York

If you have a look at the menu you can see that there’s a lot of choice and the portions are absolutely bloody massive. If you have a smaller appetite (like myself) you could probably share with another little eater and still be absolutely pogged.

It took us a while to choose but in the end we were both really pleased with our decisions.

Huckleberry's Diner, York
Filthy Pig £12.95 with cajun wedges (+£1.50)
Slow cooked marinated pulled pork glazed with our own BBQ sauce, loaded with melted mozzarella, streaky bacons, crispy onions and baconnaise. 
So after much deliberation I went for the filthy pig sandwich – The burgers were pretty tempting but they just fill me up too much and I end up leaving a lot. The pulled pork was delicious – the sauce wasn’t too sweet and the meat wasn’t too fatty – and the bacon, onions and cheese just gave it a little bit of extra something something. The baconnaise? Couldn’t even taste it to be honest. 
The cajun wedges were okay but they weren’t as good as Five Guys cajun fries so meh, sorry Huckleberry’s but there’s are the bomb.
I didn’t eat all of my sandwich (but as mentioned I can never finish a meal thanks to my small appetite) but it was definitely up there in my top 5 pulled pork sandwich chart. 
A point for Huckleberry’s.
Huckleberry's Diner, York

Bucket of Bones (serves 3-4) £18.95
Cajun wedges, Texas BBQ St Louis ribs & 18 chicken wings, 6 of each glazed with Southwest, Tennessee Bourbon and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

My favourite chubby bunny took forever to pick what he wanted (as he always does) and eventually settled on the bucket of bones which is actually a sharing platter meant to serve four.

The little piggy made a pretty good go of it though, demolishing all of the Southwest and Tennessee wings, two of the Louisiana ones (they were spicy as hell) and the large majority of the ribs. The wedges were at the bottom of the bucket though which meant they went all soggy and gross so ended up skipping them as he likes his wedges a bit crunchier.

I sampled some the SW and Tennessee wings and I can confirm that they were bloody delicious. There was a fair old whack of meat on the wings too so it’s definitely good value if there’s a group of you or you’re a greedy Gus like Jodes. The ribs had a great meat to bone ratio aswell so carnivores will definitely love the bucket of bones.

See evidence of Jody’s love for chicken and ribs below. What a mess eh?

Huckleberry's Diner, York
All in all, Huckleberry’s was pretty sweet. I wouldn’t be in a huge rush to go back as it’s a bit too far out of the way to just spontaneously visit but if I was out that way I’d definitely consider it.

So tell me, what’s your favourite UK based American diner?
Find Huckleberry’s DinerMalton Road, A64, Flaxton, York, YO60 7SG

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