Sunday, 18 June 2017

Five good things #6

urban decay naked heat

1. A return to a life of routine and normality
Don't get me wrong, if someone offered me a lottery win I would travel the world until my feet wouldn't take me any further BUT it's been really good to get back to normal after my holiday. At the beginning of the week I had such bad jetlag and my sleeping pattern was all over the place so it's nice to feel like myself again.

2. I finally got my paws on a Chip mug!
Well I didn't get it my Mum did but still, YAY! I asked my Mum & Sister to keep an eye out for a Chip mug for me as they live/work in a bigger town that I do and after months of patiently waiting they came across a lone mug languishing by the tills and snapped it up for me. It's more of an ornament than a functioning mug (I don't drink tea of coffee) but I love it.

3. The Urban Decay 'Naked Heat' palette
Yep sorry, I'm one of the many who jumped on the bandwagon and ordered UD's latest offering the minute the pre-sale opened. Although to be fair, I did have the day off and was suffering from jet lag/holiday blues so you can't blame me can ya? I've always been a big fan of warm shades as I feel they really make my blue eyes pop so this palette is perfect for me.

4. My blackout curtains
I'm sorry, this is such a boring grown up thing but my new blackout curtains are the bomb. As you may know we are in a rental property and whilst it's decorated to our tastes, the bedroom curtain were very thin and let in a lot of light in the morning. This didn't bother Jody but it bothered me so I went and bought myself some blackout curtains and man, my sleep quality has improved tenfold. No more 5 am wake up calls from the sun for me anymore.

5. All of the ice lollies.
This weekend has been so bloody hot and it's been lush (even if I have spent most of it hiding inside cos I can't hack it). My no1 fave thing about Summer is most definitely the amount of ice lollies that I can consume with no judgement - So far I've had a Twister, a lemonade ice lolly and three Vimto ones. I am living my best life that's for sure.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm definitely consuming SO many ice lollies too with this weather- but definitely not complaining! :) xxx