Sunday, 28 May 2017

Five good things #4

alright blondie

1. The emergency services and the beautiful wonderful people of Manchester and beyond
I couldn't do a post about good things without touching on the tragedy that occured at Manchester Arena last week - People were retweeting images of lost children, offering out their homes to those in need and giving lifts to anyone who was stranded aswell as a whole lot more. The emergency services were fucking amazing, as they always are in times of need and even though it was an awful awful event, one that will scar so many people for the rest of their lives, it showed just how kind and resiliant the human race can be.

2. I go on holiday tomorrow
It seems a little bit callous to discuss a tragedy then jump to something happy like my holiday but I spose in times of terror you have to carry on - If you live in fear the terrorists will have won. I'll be in Vegas and New York for ten days and I won't be posting anything as I totally forgot to schedule any posts (although I will probably be v v v active on Instagram if you fancy giving me a follow).

3. The first taste of Summer 
My wardrobe is made up of pretty much all black, I struggle to sleep cos of the mafting heat and have a sweaty upper lip 99% of the time it's around but man this week has been lush. I've sat outside on my lunch, I've had my second Twister of the season, I've attended two bbq's this weekend alone and I've already consumer many fruity ciders. Oh and I've burned my shoulders and face already - But it's been bloody lovely and everyone's been in such good spirits.

4. The Ordinary Colours foundation
I pre-ordered the serum and coverage foundation at the beginning of April and this week they finally arrived thanks to a waiting list of 20,000 people. I was a bit dubious about ordering online but I managed to get my shade bang on thank God - 1.2P or light with pink undertones if you were wondering. The serum is a great light foundation that has been perfect for work whilst it's been a million degrees and the coverage foundation is lovely as it doesn't make your skin feel clogged with product. At £5.70 and £5.90 you can't really go wrong.

5. My new hurrr
Think I've mentioned before that my Momma's a v v v good hairdresser but if I haven't, she's great. She did my hair for me on Saturday and she's taken a nice chunk off so it feels much lighter and healthier. I've also said goodbye to my mousey roots and had a silvery grey toner put on and it looks a million times better. So swishy!

Happy Monday!

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