Wednesday, 26 April 2017


why you should vote in the 2017 general election

Today we are going to talk about politics. Yep that's right the dreaded P word. If you aren't interested or don't care then please feel free to press the little x in the right hand corner of your screen - I won't take offence I promise.

(But you should care because it's essentially a vote for your future).

Before I start babbling on let me make it clear - I am not here to ram my beliefs down your throat. I am purely making a case as to why you should vote and why it's important. Obviously it would be nice if you voted the same as me but that's not how the world works.

I decided to use my little corner of the internet to talk about the importance of voting because despite not really talking about it on here before, politics are something that genuinely interest me (just ask my non interested in politics boyfriend - he's sick of listening to me harping on and turning off his programmes to watch the news)

Anyhow, it literally takes two minutes to register to vote - Make sure you have your national insurance number to hand, click on this link, fill in your name, address and NI number and BOOM. You're all set. Registration closes on the 22nd of May so get to it.

Some Stats

Okay so in the 2010 elections only 29.7 million out of the 45.6 million people eligible voted.

In the 2015 elections only 66% of the UK voted meaning 34% did not.

And finally - Brexit - 72% of the population voted, 28% did not. 16,141,241 (48.1%) voted to remain and 17,410,742 (51.9%) voted to leave.

An article I read told me that that's roughly 13 million people who didn't vote.

(I found all these stats online on various government/newspaper sites - If they are incorrect please do let me know so I can fix them! It was a lot harder to get my mitts on statistics that I thought it would be).

So why should you vote?

'It's only one vote, why does it matter if I do it or not'
When you take into consideration that the difference between us leaving or remining in the EU was 1,269,501 votes, then 13 million extra voters could have meant we remained in the EU (or we could have still decided to leave, you never know do you?). So for all those people who don't think your vote counts - It really really does, especially when you look at the above figures. If those 13 million people had decided to vote they could have really changed the outcome of Brexit.

'It won't affect me in the long run so what's the point?'
What if something were to happen to the NHS? What if you broke your leg, had to call an ambulance, get your leg cast in the hospital then receive physio afterwards and there was no NHS? It would cost you a fuck tonne of money that's what. If a party decided to cut money from the national health service it would definitely affect you in the long run and trust me, after paying for treatment in Australia I will forever be grateful for the services the NHS provides.

'But who do I vote for? My Mum's voting for XXX but I'm not really sure if I agree with their policies'
At the end of the day you are voting for YOUR future - Don't vote for someone just because your mum or your boyfriend or your boss is voting for them. Like I said your vote really does count. Instead do your research, read manifestos - Hell, you can try reaching out to your local MP's and ask them what they plan on doing for your constituency if they were to get a seat in parliament. It's all about educating yourself and making an informed decision about what you believe in and what you would like to happen in the next five years.

Even though I don't think you should vote for a party just because so and so is voting for them, I do think you should take into consideration what would happen to the country on a whole if a certain party was to get in power. Look at the  the con's of the parties as well as the pros and look into the MP for your area or who they would have as PM. Look at how them getting in to power would affect the rich, the poor, the disabled, the young, the old, the upper class, the middle class, the working class, the environment, the health service, the fire and police departments, schools...I could go on and on.

Basically you should just make sure it's an informed decision okay?

Still confused about who to vote for?

Jeremy Corbyn's ten pledges to transform Britain
The Conservative's manifesto
The Liberal Democrat's vision
What the Green Party stand for
The Ukip manifesto*

As I'm based in England I haven't added direct links to some of the parties - sorry! - You can however read about the others such as the SNP and Plaid Cymru via this link. I did originally have

And there you have it - Hopefully some of you find this post helpful, that it hasn't come across as preachy and that you haven't immediately clicked the unfollow button because OMG another 20 something millenial talking about politics, snooze.

I'm actually in the USA when the election takes place so I've registered to vote by proxy meaning my Mum's going to go in my place and vote for me. Again, you can register to vote here and you need to register by the 22nd of May (this deadline is for votes done in person, by post and by proxy) - If you don't you will be unable to vote on the 8th of June!

Happy voting!

*DISCLAIMER: I really really didn't want to share UKIP's manifesto (and almost didn't) as I agree with very little of their beliefs (and think Nigel Farage is a bit of a nob) but as I said I don't want to ram my opinion down your throat and in the interests of being fair I believe it's only right to share it so you can make an informed decision when it comes to voting. Even if it does make me want to do a little vomit including them on here.