Friday, 21 April 2017

How did I spend my Easter weekend?

Five years ago a four day bank holiday would have meant four nights in the pub and a severely depleted bank balance but now the idea of spending a long weekend that way just feels like a waste.

Instead I had an extremely average, terribly grown up weekend that involved zero alcohol (which was good because it meant zero hangovers), lots of food and ticking off some extremely mundane tasks off my to do list.

Now that I have my own place the prospect of staying in on a weekend isn't that bad and I actually really enjoyed having a chilled out weekend where my biggest worry was what I was going to have for tea.

It might not have been to everyone's taste but I had a great weekend - I didn't realise how in need of a few days off I was - so here's what I got up too:

- I tried out the L'oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation that's currently receiving a lot of blogger love. It's ok I guess but you have to be fast applying it as it dries extremely fast. I maybe need a slightly darker shade as I look like I'm wearing a death mask if I don't pop some bronzer over the top.

- The boyfriend and I spent a silly amount of hours going through photos from our travels, reminiscing about the good times and selecting ones we want to print off and frame for our gallery wall (that I mentioned here).

- Speaking of gallery wall, on Saturday morning we headed to IKEA, making sure we were there early so we wouldn't have to spend an hour looking for a car parking space. We bought 17 photo frames as we want to create a gallery wall, some cute tea light lanterns and a couple of succulents that will hopefully still be alive this time next month.

- Spent time with the littlies in the family and finally got to see my 4 week old nephew awake (seriously that kid has been asleep every time I've seen him). Obviously my 11 month old niece was on top form as per usual and I can't wait for when they're old enough to play together.

- Cleaned the bathroom, took some meter readings, got a Tesco shop delivered, set up a joint bank account and paid for our NYC hotel - That's some serious adulting isn't it?
How did you spend your Easter weekend?*
*Yes I know I'm almost a week late haha!

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