Tuesday, 25 April 2017

REVIEW: Girlboss


I spent the large majority of my Sunday on the sofa watching Girlboss - A) because I was curious, B) because I wanted to review it whilst it was still relevant and C) well, I actually really liked it.

For those who aren't in the know, Girlboss is actually loosely based on the memoir by Nasty Gal creator, Sophia Amoruso. It chronicles the rise of her company and how she went from misfit who regularly stole and dumpster dived to CEO of a multi million dollar clothing company.

Now, I haven't read her memoir so I didn't really know much about her when I decided to watch the series. I mean I knew of Sophia (and all the controversy surrounding Nasty Gal) but I didn't know the ins and outs of how Nasty Gal came to be.

SO how did Nasty Gal come to be and what is the series about?

The nub and gist of it is this: Girl buys vintage jacket for next to nothing, sells on Ebay for a lot of something, starts Ebay business selling vintage clothes and BOOM, the rest is history. The series chronicles Sophia's journey to the top, showing us the highs and lows of setting up a business and becoming your own boss.

girlboss netflix review

Before I start gushing on about why I liked it, I thought I'd discuss the one reason why I really, really did not like it at first - And why a lot of other people didn't like it either.

So what's the biggest problem with Girlboss? Sophia herself.

I dunno if Sophia was that selfish, rude and ungrateful in real life but if she was then wow, what a bitch. She comes across as extremely narcissistic and often treats the people who love her like garbage, giving zero fucks about how her attitude and behaviour affects them.

Quite frankly, she's annoying.

Luckily by the end of the series she comes to realise that having her family and friends by her side can help her rather than hinder her (kind of) but it's hard to forget how much of a pain in the ass she was in the beginning. 

I saw a review that said 'Girlboss is much more fun once it stops trying to prove it's heroine is such an asshole' and that sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

girlboss netflix review

Now it's time to talk about on the good.

How do you keep your audience interested when your heroine is a bit self absorbed bellend? You add some serious style that most women will envy, throw in some pop culture references - Any OC fans here? Keep an eye out for a nod to Marissa's death -  to add a bit of nostalgia and have a stellar supporting cast of characters who completely carry the show, that's what.

Sophia may be a bit of a div (especially in the beginning) but the people surrounding her are simply fabulous. 

From Lionel (Ru Paul) who lives in the apartment opposite, BFF Annie (Ellie Reed) to art school drop out Nathan (Cole Escola), the supporting characters are the saving grace of the programme (Seriously, I'm rooting for an Annie spin off, she's such a good character) and the reason that I watched it long enough to find out that Sophia actually redeems herself by the end of episode 13.

girlboss netflix review

So....Do I think you should watch it? Well yes and no.

If you can't get past Sophia's bad attitude and switch off? Well you'll live. It's an alright programme sure but I don't think everyone will buy into her story or her so I don't blame people for switching off. It's not exactly a must watch like Breaking Bad or Making a Murderer. 

However if you can get past the ego of Sophia, then chances are you will probably enjoy Girlboss as it's quite inspiring to see just how much she believed in herself and how much work went into building her company. 

One thing watching Girlboss has taught me is that if you don't believe in yourself then you're never going to do the thing you want to do so maybe (key word - maybe) it's time I got off my arse, put on my big girl pants and tried to do something about those pesky dreams and goals of mine.

Again, maybe.

What did you think to Girlboss? Were you sold on it or did you turn it off after a few episodes?


  1. I have the book and have yet to read it! I'm intrigued by the show though, since everyone is talking about it... interesting review! I've heard mixed reviews. Might give it a watch one evening and see how it goes!

    Fatima x www.fatimawrites.co.uk

    1. I think ti's very much a show that you will either love or hate! There doesn't seem to be an in between haha! I'm going to give the book a go see what I think xx

  2. I read the book and absolutely loved it. Just finished the show this morning and I agree with everything you've said in this review. Sophia definitely got less annoying towards the end of the series x

    1. I'm going to pick the book up I think, all the reviews are pretty good!xx