Friday, 17 March 2017

Five things I do when I've had a crappy day

5 things I do when Ive had a terrible day

1. Take my time in the bath/shower.
When I'm feeling particularly grotty I find that taking the time to wash my hair, exfoliate my skin and apply a face mask for the correct amount of time leave me feeling really fresh and ready to turn my day around. It's true what they say, clean body  = clean mind.

2. Talk about it.
Talk to your partner, ring your Mum, meet a friend for a coffee, pour your heart out to your dog...Seriously, talking about what's made your day so terrible or your mood so blue is really therapeutic and can leave you feeling like a weights been lifted off your chest.

3. Forget about the calories and eat something really comforting and filling.
Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in the whole world so it's no surprise that having a really hearty meal really improves my mood. I really like Sausage and Mash with super thick gravy or a jacket potato with beans and heaps of cheese.

4. Watch a Disney movie.
Disney can solve pretty much anything so it's no surprise that I turn to it when I'm having a shit day. Favourites are Frozen (not even sorry), Zootropolis, Hercules and Tarzan. (I can verify that Harry Potter works just aswell as Disney)

5. Turn my phone off (or at least put it somewhere I can't reach it) and aim for an early night.
Sometimes you just need to step away from looking at other people's seemingly perfect lives on Instagram and live in the moment, even if the moment is just watching a movie without constantly checking your phone. Getting rid of your phone at 7pm will hopefully lead to you falling asleep earlier too and a good sleep can work wonders.

What do you do to turn your mood around when you're having a crappy day?


  1. Putting your phone away also increases productivity ten fold! Though I never do it because it's too hard haha. I think I reach for all the chocolate when i'm having a bad day and whinge to people on whatsapp. I live on my own so I don't have anyone close by to moan too, so I have to find alternative ways of coping!
    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Disney films are so good to put you in a better mood and surprisingly the new ones are actually really good like Zootropolis, Moana and obviously Big Hero 6. I either like to listen to music, work on my blog or just watch stuff and chill with incense and a cup of coffee :)


    1. They really are, Moana was amazing! I've already pre ordered it haha xx