My to do list for March

march to do 

And just like that, February is over! Here’s what I got up to last month and what I have planned for March.
What did I do in February?
Saw The View in Glasgow.
Was invited to try Barrecore and loved it.
What am I looking forward to in March?
The lighter nights and the beginnings of Spring.
Moving into our new house.
The birth of my nephew (if he arrives by the end of the month anyways!)
To do:
1. Use my new Lush items every night and try and get into a skincare routine (post to come).

2. Find a way to continue with Barrecore OR start Pilates classes at my local gym.
3. Sort a gift out for my Mum for Mothers Day. She’s so hard to buy for!
4. Drink at least one bottle of water a day.
5. No spontaneous ASOS orders (they’ll only get sent back out of guilt anyway so what’s the point?)
6. Finish a bloody book.
7. Complete my NVQ modules on Management and Social Media.
8. Cut down to one can of Pepsi a day.
9. Buy a new bed. Rock and roll huh?
10. Make the move into our new house as stress free and easy as possible.

Happy March!

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