Monday, 13 March 2017

34 posts on blogging to help bring you out of a slump

blogging tips and advice

Good morning campers! So first of all, lemme explain - This post was originally only going to have a few links on it but I got a little bit carried away. I actually really enjoyed creating this post so I hope you like it and that it helps at least one of you.

With two months of posting three times a week under my belt I was feeling pretty good about this here blog and then well, I hit a brick wall. I ran out of ideas, felt that all my photos were rubbish and I got a little bit stuck. That's when I decided to go to some of my favourite blogs and have a look through their blogging tips and see if they could relight my fire (I challenge you not to sing that like Gary Barlow) and they did, yay!

In fact they helped me that much that I decided to share some of my favourite, most helpful articles here so 1) I can refer back to them easily in the future and 2) you can have a read and get some help or inspiration too! Doesn't that sound marvellous?

So - 34 posts on blogging to help bring you out of a slump.

How to make money from your blog Gracie Francesca
Sponsored Posts; What Do you Charge? (UK Edition) Tea Party Beauty
Affiliate marketing for bloggers Bethany Worrall

Photography and Instagram
How to take better indoor photos using custom white balance Little Miss Katy
9 tips for growing your Instagram Robowecop
From Roses has a great section on photography here

17 tips for writing Superlatively Rude
Posts prompts and ideas// Blogging with Daisy Bee Daisybutter
Tips on producing sponsored content Gracie Francesca

Twitter, Bloglovin & Pinterest
16 things I've learned about using social media for blogging Hannah Gale
Guide to bloglovin + tips for followers Gracee
Blogging | How To Successfully Self-Promote on Twitter The Kitty Luxe

Engagement, followers and growing your blog
How to get more followers Girl Vs Globe
5 Things I Do Every Weekend To Grow My Blog Pack Your Passport
How to take care of your blog in 2017 More About Cat
3 simple ways I doubled my page views and increased my engagement Gracie Francesca

Contacting PR's and Brands
The (not so informative) guide to contacting brands/pr's Chapters of Kat
How to contact a brand/PR as a smaller blogger Sophie Black
Working With Brands | Design Your Own Media Kit The Online Stylist
Blogging | How To Contact Brands Blogging The Kitty Luxe
8 blogger tips from a PR perspective Sophie Black

Statistics and technical stuff
Four Google Analytics Hacks Any Blogger Can Do More About Cat
Google Analytics for beginners Robowecop
Rock your blog: Protect your brand and your reputation Kooky Traveller
How to improve your blog post for better SEO A Snippet of Life

Staying organised, motivated and supporting the community
Ways bloggers can support each other Salt and Chic
How do I find the time to blog around a full time job Alright Blondie (shameless plug, sorry!)
9 Easy Ways To Support Your Favourite Bloggers Dorkface
10 Reasons Why We Should Be Proud Of Our Blogs Wear Daisy Went

The ultimate guide to blogging Dorkface
21 blogging tips from the professionals Northern Blood

Aaaand that's it! I'm sure there are a bazillion more posts out there that I could find and share these are the bloggers that I tend to follow and I think this post is long enough already don't you? 

Happy blogging!


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  2. Great idea for a post and full of useful info!