The lazy girl’s guide to Barrecore


When the Barrecore team approached me about attending their open evening at their brand spanking new studio in Harrogate I was a little bit apprehensive, I won’t lie.

I mean, come on, me? Clumsy, uncoordinated, couch potato me? Nu-uh, nope, no way.

But without even thinking about it I said yes and can you believe it? And  loved it!

I was extremely nervous about trying to Barrecore due to my fitness levels and I thought googling it would calm my nerves -boy was I wrong! The only blog posts I could find were ones from svelte, flexible women who already had a passion for fitness. As a self confessed lazy bum (who’s main form of exercise is running down the stairs to answer the door to the pizza guy), I couldn’t relate to anything they were saying.

That’s why I thought I would write up my experience of Barrecore – A guide (if you will) for the regular lazy girl who wants to try something new but is intimidated by the idea of a gym or going out for a run.

So what should you wear?
Okay so when it comes to what to wear to Barrecore I would definitely recommend that you go comfy – I wore borrowed Sweaty Betty capri leggings (no way could I afford that shit) and a loose top but I’m pretty sure I flashed the class at least a dozen times so yeah, don’t go for baggy, bad idea. It’s a must that you wear socks to the Barre and dickhead over here ended up wearing some grotty white ones cos she didn’t think. (Proper non slip Barrecore socks are available but as the Harrogate studio was carpeted they weren’t really needed).


What can you expect from the class itself?
Barrecore uses a Barre (obviously), an inflatable pilates ball, small dumbbells, a resistance band and your own bodyweight to work every single muscle in your body…Seriously you will work muscles you didn’t even know existed!

My instructor was great: She gave us clear instructions to follow and she was also very subtle in the way she helped people who were struggling – rather than calling you out in front of the whole class she would carry on instructing whilst repositioning your body. Oh and if you needed to have a small break (like I did), that was fine. There are no punishments for needing a minute to catch your breath at the barre.

Throughout the class you will use all the equipment provided and give the body a workout using the most minute movements (If you aren’t hearing and lift and hold and lift and hold and 5 to the hold in your sleep you deserve a medal). For the first ten minutes I questioned wether the workout would be that that effective but please believe, within another couple I was burning all over and was definitely experiencing the Barrecore shake (I thought that the most painful move was definitely the tip toe squats against the Barre, ouch!).

How did I feel afterwards?
Despite feeling like I had had a thorough workout, I didn’t feel sweaty or exhausted like I do after circuits or a run. I was a little bit achey (I couldn’t open my car door!) but more than anything I felt energised. I was a little bit sore for a couple of days but this didn’t stop me attending another class on the Sunday – I must have loved it to go again right?

Will I keep it up?
Truth time – Barrecore ain’t cheap. It’s £149 per month OR £18 per lesson and trust me when I say my bank account won’t allow this. I’m actually a little bit devastated as I really enjoyed myself and it was great to finally find an exercise that I connected with (argh shoot me).

HOWEVER if you’re bank account is looking a little bit fuller than mine, the Harrogate studio are offering two weeks of unlimited classes for £75 – Perfect if you want to give it a go but don’t know if you want to commit to the Barre completely.

Barrecore do have a video subscription service that costs £25 a month (with your first month free) and because I’m skint I’ve signed up to that instead so I can get my Barre fix without breaking the bank. I bought all the equipment I needed from Argos for £35 so hopefully I will continue on my Barre journey and learn to break my lazy habits.

So yeah, all lazy girls should try Barrecore – Don’t be intimidated by the blog posts detailing it’s difficulty or the videos of super buff women huffing and puffing. There’s no reason to be scared to try it cos if I can do it, you definitely can! It’s a lot of fun, it makes you feel great and it’s a whole new kind of exercise.

(It’s just shame about the price tag)

Have you ever tried Barrecore? Would you be tempted too?

I was invited to the blogger & pr night for the opening of Barrecore Harrogate to give Barrecore a go but all thoughts, opinions and new found love for exercise are my own. This post also contains an affiliate link for Barre socks, just so you know 😉

Barrecore Harrogate
17-19 Station Parade (above Sweaty Betty)

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