Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A week without a phone

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On Thursday 9th March at approximately 10.15am, my phone decided to give up on life. The charger port had been faulty for a while but it appeared to have finally given up the ghost and I watched as my battery slowly dwindled down to nothing before the screen turned black and my phone was no more.

Unfortunately my phone wasn't covered under warranty so I was without a phone for longer than expected but do you know what? I lived.

So. Broke my phone Thursday had a new one by the following Wednesday* - What happened in the week(ish) I was without a phone?

1. I managed to read a book.
Sure it was a re-read (The Silkworm by JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith incase you were wondering) but I still read it from beginning to end nonetheless. I haven't managed to read a whole book in well over year for some reason so it was nice to finally finish something.

2. Jody and I got along a lot better.
Usually Jody and I text each other all day whilst we are at work then hang out together all night afterwards. We get along fine but without that contact during the day we seemed to get on a bazillion times better and had a lot more things to talk about. It was nice and we didn't bicker as much 'cos we weren't as sick of each other.

3. I relaxed a lot more and I slept better.
I dunno what it was but without a phone I felt so much more chilled out and carefree - I didn't worry about half as much stuff (money, relationships) when I was unable to check apps or if I'd received a text. As I wasn't looking at it every 5 minutes I was much more productive at work AND my days went a lot faster. I also found that getting to sleep was much easier when I wasn't staring at a screen before going to bed.

4.  I noticed how anti social people are these days.
I feel a bit bad saying this one because I'm totally guilty of going out for a meal and sitting on my phone instead of focusing on the person in front of me but OMG we 21st century people are rude. So many people just sit on their phones instead of making conversation and whilst I understand that sometimes having your phone out is necessary (like if you want to show your companion holiday photos or a video of your dog), I think we should maybe start putting our phones in our bags whilst out socialising - I'm going to start doing it for sure.

5. In all honesty? I didn't miss it as much as I thought.
Okay that's a little bit of a lie - I missed it when I thought of something I needed to ask my Mum, when I wanted to ask Jody what he fancied for tea and when I needed to google who 'that guy' from that old tv show was - but apart from that? It was okay. Sure I'd rather have one that not have one but in the future I think I'm going to be putting my phone down a lot more.

Are you always on your phone? Or would you be quite happy to get rid of yours? 

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