Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My new favourite lipstick (and it was an absolute bargain)

Too faced melted metal dream house

Too Faced is a brand that's been on my radar for the longest time but I've never actually gotten around to buying anything from them but all that changed last weekend when I popped into TK Maxx of all places.

Thing is, I've always heard about hidden treasures popping up on the make up stand of TK Maxx but as my local branch is rather small, I've never really bothered too look. Last weekend I took the plunge however and I got lucky.

Nestled on the shelf was plenty of make up from Model's Own, Bare Minerals, Stila and..Too Faced. Honestly I could have come away with half the stand but as I'm trying to stop spending so much money on material possessions, I controlled myself and only came away with a Melted metal lipstick in the shade 'Dream House'.

Too faced melted metal dream house

After swatching an open lipstick on my wrist I was worried that the shade would be too bright for me - I'm rather pale, enjoy playing up the eyes and have small thin lips -  and some times super colourful lipsticks just don't work for me, especially in funky finishes like metallic or matte.

However as it was only £5.99 (and the usually retail at 19 quid) I bought it anyways and I'm so glad I did as it's now my favourite lipstick. The picture below doesn't really do the colour any justice as in real life it's a bit darker and brighter but hey ho.

Too faced melted metal dream house swatch

I find that I have to apply quite a bit of product to get the true colour to show on the lips but I'm hoping that it lasts me for quite a while longer. Despite this, once applied it's the perfect Barbie pink and I absolutely love it.

The only negative about this lipstick is that it doesn't actually stay on for that long - I speak from experience when I say I wouldn't even bother wearing it out for a meal as it doesn't last five minutes - but it's perfect for an occasion that doesn't involve eating. 

After falling in love with such a bright shade I'm going to try and be more adventurous with my lip colour and I will most definitely be checking TK Maxx's beauty stand for more high end bargains in the future...

Have you ever snagged yourself a bargain in TK Maxx or are you a doubter like I once was?

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