REVIEW: Jamie’s Italian, York

Jamies Italian York

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big food fan so when I was invited to Jamies Italian in York to try out their Super Lunch Menu I jumped at the chance to stuff my face with yummy, carb laden food. It took little persuading to get the boyfriend to come with me so on Monday we headed to York.

The restaurant was down a little alley but it was really easy to find as it was clearly sign posted. It’s tucked away in a little nook which I imagine would be the perfect location for some after work drinks in the Summer (if only I worked in York!). From the outside the restaurant looks really sleek and minimalist but once you’re through the doors the interior has a really rustic, cosy vibe to it.

I mean look at all that exposed brickwork!

Jamies Italian York
Sadly the lighting was terrible (like most restaurants), it was getting dark outside and I’m still getting to grips with the settings on my new camera so the photos aren’t great but you definitely get the gist from the images I managed to take.
Jamies Italian super lunch menu

For those not in the know the super lunch menu runs Monday to Friday from 12-6 pm and for £11.95 you can pick two courses from the menu, or three courses for an extra £2. being the piggy that I am I opted for three courses and it took me ages to decide because it all looked really good.

Eventually I made my decision and eagerly sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the feast to begin.

Jamies Italian Silky pâté bruschetta & Fritto misto

Jamies Italian Fritto misto
Jamies Italian Silky pâté bruschetta

Top – Fritto misto: Crispy fried sustainable fish & squid tossed in fennel-spiced flour with garlic & lemon aioli

Bottom – Silky pâté bruschetta: Italian chicken-liver pâté, pancetta, vin santo & Parmesan

I started with the pate as pate is one of my all time favourite things in the world and it was lovely. The bread was super crisp, the pate really was silky and the pancetta and parmesan really tied the dish together nicely.

Whilst my pate was delicious, one I had tried Jody’s crispy fish dish I was absolutely devastated with my decision. His fish was beautifully spiced with just enough crunch to make it interesting. The fish was lovely on it’s own but when you dipped it in the aioli? OMG.

Next time I go, I’m definitely getting the fish, 1000%

Jamies Italian Steak and Fries
Italian steak & fries: Marinated skirt steak, flash grilled & served with garlic butter, aged Parmesan, slaw & fries (£3 supplement)
For our mains we both decied to go for the steak because as you may know, we are both serious carnivores. This incurred a £3 supplement but when you’re only paying £13.95 for three wonderful courses you don’t really mind.
The steak was flash fried so it was still a touch pink in the middle which is exactly how I like it and there was hardly any fat running through it – even better. It was flavoured with a splodge of garlic butter on top which gave it a really nice taste and honestly, I could have eaten too.
It was accompanied by slaw which I shoved to one side because I’m 5 years old apparently but I ate the fries which were nice and crispy. Ooh and we also ordered some garlic aioli that was really flavoursome but didn’t give you a severe case of garlic breath.
I scraped my plate clean (bar the slaw) which is actually quite rare for me as I have quite a small appetite! 

Jamies Italian Epic Brownie
Jamies Italian Epic Brownie

Epic brownie: With proper chocolate sauce, salted caramel ice cream & caramelised popcorn

For pud-pud we both went for the Epic Brownie and I think I definitely had eyes bigger than my belly because I only managed half – but don’t worry, Jody demolished the rest of it.

The brownie was extremely rich and soft and the popcorn definitely mixed things up a bit (although I won’t be putting popcorn on any of my desserts again in a hurry as I wasn’t a huge fan) but I couldn’t really taste the caramel in the ice cream – Maybe I don’t have a classy enough palette or I’d just eaten so much I’d numbed my taste buds.

The brownie was really yummy and looking back I’m actually really upset that I didn’t manage to scran the whole thing.


alright blondie: Jamies Italian

(I was that drunk on good food Jody even managed to get a rare photo of me smiling!)

My first experience of Jamie’s Italian was great and I can’t really fault anything.

Aswell as the delicious food and cracking interiors I thought the location was perfect because the Clifton Moor park and ride bus drops you off right opposite Lendal where Jamies is hidden. Our waitress was lovely aswell – She was helpful, polite and checked on us enough that we felt looked after but not enough that she annoyed us.

I really enjoyed the food and the overall ambience of the place so I think next time I’m in York through the week I will definitely be heading there. The super lunch menu is really good value for money, especially if you push the boat and get the steak so yeah, YUM.

Have you been to a Jamies Italian? Did you enjoy it?

*I was invited by Jamie’s Italian to sample the Super Lunch Menu but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Jamie’s Italian but I genuinely had a really good experience and the boyfriend agreed with me.

Find It:
Jamie’s Italian York
Lendal Cellars
26 Lendal

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