Thursday, 2 February 2017

Life Lately: The dreaded sick bug attacks

alright blondie

Oh hey there.

I recently stopped creating weekly catch up posts because honestly, I was a bit bored of doing them. I was having to rack my brains to come up with things that I'd loved throughout the week and I was really struggling to find photographs to accompany my drivel. Plus they weren't performing very well, with very few page views and little engagement -So I said goodbye to them.

Instead I'll be creating spontaneous catch up posts when the mood strikes. Like right now. Hi!

So I spent the first few days of this week incapacitated with a stinker of a cold - I honestly though I had avoided it as EVERYONE I know has had it but nope, turns out it was just waiting for me to think I was in the clear to pounce. I don't know what it is about colds but they are the one thing that completly knock me for six and leave me bed bound until I'm feeling better.

(Bit over dramatic I know).

Anyways that meant my cold meant that the weekend was a complete blur and I had to call in sick to work on Monday, something I absolutely despise doing as I'm not someone who takes many sick days. I finally started to feel better around 4pm (although that might have had something to do with my boyfriend/hero bringing me home a box of 20 McDonalds chicken nuggets) and come Tuesday all that was left of my cold was a few tissues in my coat pocket and some sexy dragon scales on my nose.

After spending last weekend confined to my bed I'm really looking forward to a weekend where I can get out and about (honestly the way I'm carrying on you would think I'd died and come back to life wouldn't you?). Plans include a cheeky shopping trip (not my idea, Jody wants some trackies and who am I to say no?!), a coffee with an old friend, a family meal for my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and hopefully a trip to the cinema to see T2!

Have you got any big plans for this weekend? Whatever you're doing I hope it's lovely!

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