Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2017

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I think the title of this post is quite explanatory so I won’t bore on for too long. I was going to post this list at the beginning of 2017 but life got in the way and I totally forgot. Oh well better late than never right?

So what are my grand plans for the rest of the year?

Seeing The View in Glasgow in February

I’m going to see The View again! This will be the fourth time in a year and I swear, they get better and better every time I see them. We’re heading to Glasgow to see them at King Tuts which holds 300 people so it’s gunna be a pretty intimate gig – I can’t wait!

The arrival of my nephew

In March we will be welcoming another bambino into the family, only this time it’s going to be a little boy! I’m completely in love with my niece so can’t wait for another little one to join the crew. I’m not a baby person but when they’re related to you it makes them a hell of a lot cuter.

Spending Easter weekend in Oban
Jody and I have been umming and aahing over taking advantage of the long bank holiday and going abroad but sadly our bank accounts aren’t quite as keen on the idea. Instead we are going to head back up to Scotland (can you tell we love it up there?) – this time we are going to Oban!

Getting another tattoo done by Sam Whitehead
I received a tattoo from Sam in December – a mountain scene in a heart on my right thigh – and the first weekend of May I will be visiting her again for an ocean sunset on the opposite leg. I love Sam’s work and she is so lovely compared to some of the other tattoo artist’s I’ve had the displeasure of meeting.

Spending a weekend in Liverpool
In May, Jody and I will be heading to Liverpool to see The View (yes again) as it was their only Saturday date on the ten year anniversary tour. I don’t recall ever visiting Liverpool but Jody’s been heaps to see Everton play so he’s going to take me to see Goodison Park, the Cavern Club and the Cathedrel.


The BIG holiday for 2017! Jody’s always wanted to go to Vegas and I’ve always wanted to go to NYC so we decided to combine the two into one bumper trip. We are hoping that Vegas is going to be the more chilled out part of the holiday (think lazy pool days and plenty of cocktails) whereas NYC is going to be a bit more action packed and touristy.

Blink 182 at Leeds Arena

This will be the fourth time I’ve seen Blink 182 but this time it will be a whole new experience without Tom. Matt Skiba was the perfect choice to replace him though and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the old material, aswell as hearing the new.

Three days in Berlin

Another city that we have always wanted to go to but have never got around to visiting. We leave for Berlin in October and hopefully our trip will coincide with Oktoberfest! There’s not much on the itinerary as of yet but any suggestions are very welcome.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

I know, I’m such a nerd, but I am really, REALLY excited about the 8th Star Wars installment. I really liked Rey and Finn so I’m hoping we find out a little more about the pair of them aswell as Mark Hamill getting some more screen time. I really hope that Leia isn’t written out of the 8th part due to Carrie Fisher’s untimely death but I guess we shall see.

Is there anything that you are looking forward to in 2017?

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