The Xtracold Ice Bar, Amsterdam

Quite a few people told me that I simply had to go to the Xtracold Ice Bar when I was in Amsterdam and if I’m going to be honest I was very sceptical – I mean it’s not exactly a traditionally Dutch thing to do is it? They have them all over the world don’t they?
I thought it sounded a bit naff and cheesy but the deal sounded pretty good so we decided to go anyway. €18 for 3 drinks isn’t too bad, especially in Europe!
Anyway, so you’re in the top bar waiting and waiting and this really lame video comes on to set the scene. You go through a curtain and are given a padded coat (although I didn’t really need it with my sleeping bag-esque Zara coat) and thermal gloves. Despite the bartender saying how cold it was once inside the ice bar, Jody was saying that he didn’t think he would need the coat and that he betted that it wasn’t that cold in there.
He was wrong.
I honestly could not believe how cold it was in there (-10 if you were wondering). At first it didn’t seem too bad but the longer you were in there the colder it got, especially in the leg and face area. I persevered though (despite frantically googling frostbite), drinking my drinks and jumping up and down like I was doing an exercise DVD.
The drinks were served in ice glasses which was pretty cool but holding one didn’t exactly warm you up! I opted for 2 shots of the whipped cream vodka and I was pretty surprised as it was actually quite nice. It had a sweet delicious taste but sadly that was followed by that horrible vodka afterburn.
They let quite a lot of people into the bar in one time slot so there wasn’t much seating but after around 15 minutes the novelty wore off for a lot of people and slowly but surely the bar emptied and we were able to find a seat whilst we finished our drinks.
We manned about half an hour and by this point I was feeling like Jack Nicolson at the end of The Shining and forced Jody to down his drink so we could go back to the lovely and warm upstairs bar.
We had one more drink in the upstairs bar (I had a sex on the beach) and then we decided it was time to leave the Ice bar and head back to our hotel.
So…Would I go back to the ice bar again?
Well no, I probably wouldn’t. Let’s have it right, it’s a total novelty and once you’ve been once you don’t really need to go again do you?
I’m not snobby about it though and I would definitely recommend visiting an ice bar to people who haven’t been to one before. Jody and I actually had a really good laugh whilst we were there and I can totally see why people go (even the locals) because the deal is quite good.
€18 get’s you one drink in the upstairs bar (cocktail, beer or soft drink) and two in the ice bar (Heineken, vodka or soft drink) – So when you consider that the sex on the beach cocktail was retailing at €9 you aren’t getting a bad deal are you?
In summary,  if you like a drink and want to have a fun experience that’s a little bit different then you should go to at least one ice bar in your life…but I honestly don’t think you will be in any rush to go to another one.
Still had a lot of fun though!
Have you ever been to an Ice bar? What are your thoughts? 




  • Dominica Sygula

    25/01/2017 at 8:57 am

    OMGGG whatttt I defo wanna go there when me and my fiancé visit Amsterdam!! -10 wow! but then again where I originally come from (Poland) is -35 right now lmao!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from London, xXx

    1. Alrightblondie

      26/01/2017 at 10:21 am

      Blimmin eck -35?! I would be inside 99.9% of the time haha! Happy new year to you too xx

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