Friday, 20 January 2017

The Friday Five #7

pull and bear jumper

Good Morning! At the moment I'm actually really struggling to find images for The Friday Five. Crappy grey weather, dark nights and office job don't make it easy for snapping some pretty images do they? So today you have my current favourite jumper from Pull & Bear. Jody says it looks like a West Ham strip combined with a dead leopard but I'm obviously a fan of that look.

Before I start to babble, here's what I have LOVED this week.

The return of Ed Sheeran
I should have put this on last week's Friday Five really but I forgot, whoops. Ed Sheeran is BACK baby and I think everyone is feeling pretty happy about this. He's released two songs (just incase you were living under a rock) - Castle on the Hill and Shape of You and both are really different, but really good. I can't wait for album and maybe this will be the year I finally get tickets to go see him in the flesh.

The first clear out of the year
I had quite a few clear outs in 2016 and to start 2017 the right way I decided to have another. I find it really hard to part with clothes but I have loads that I never wear so I decided to be brutal and bin as much as possible. Gone are the sparkly hotpants I haven't worn since I was 18 and gone are the bum skimming dresses that haven't seen day light since I was 21. I've also got rid of a shit tonne of books that were just gathering dust. Having more space feels really good and although there is more crap I could bin, I think I've gotten rid of enough for now.

I've been really struggling with some things lately and I've been questioning if the direction I'm going in is right for me. I'm a big fan of Veronica's work and when this popped up on my feed it really spoke to me (urgh, shoot me for saying that) as I really needed to see it. It put a lot of things into perspective for me and maybe I'll go into things in more detail at a later date but for now I'll leave it at that.

Yorkshire Provender Soup
I fell off the healthy eating wagon in a big way in Amsterdam so this week I've been trying to repair some of the damage done by only eating chips and churros. I wasn't really sure what I wanted for my dinner at work so I ended up grabbing some reduced 'Roast chicken & traditional vegetables' Yorkshire Provender soup and OMG, game changer as it's absolutely delicious. It isn't cheap but as my homemade soups always turn out rank, I don't mind paying £2.50 for them. (Plus there is only 312 calories per pot and a full one contains TWO of your five a day).

Taboo on BBC1
Have any of you been watching Taboo? I wasn't really sure about the first episode but the second one was much, much better. I still have absolutely no idea where they are going with the plot but I'm going to stick with it as I think it's going to get very dark. Tom Hardy is fabulous (and gorgeous) in it as always and Stephen Graham has rocked up now YAY!

Five to Read
9 tips for growing your Instagram - Robowecop
I love Instagram but really struggle with engagment and growing my follower count (especially as it's more of a personal account that a blog one so this post from Rhianna is super helpful!

How to be more productive Little Miss Katy
I am super organised but when it comes to actually working through my to do list I really struggle to motivate myself, choosing to scroll through Instagram instead. These tips will definitely come in handy!

Travel:It's not about what you see, it's about what you feel The Wandering Blonde
I really 'got' this post. I love writing about my travels but when it comes to the nitty gritty details I really struggle to remember them because I just don't remember them. I remember all the feeling and emotions though which is why I write mainly about those instead.

A post for small bloggers, who feel like they want to quit Whiskey Tango Flat White
Sometimes I wonder why I put so much effort into something when I'm not really offering anything new or that not that many people read but Maddie's post kinda gave me a kick up the butt and reminded me that I blog for me, not anybody else.

How Travel Improved My Quality Of Life Fresh & Fearless
Aftab's post is beautifully put together and I know exactly what he means. Travel changed me as a person and it made me see things completely different to how I saw them before. I especially loved this quote: 'It teaches you that language is no barrier and race is a sense of diversity, but we’re all the same'

Have a lovely week!

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