Friday, 6 January 2017

The Friday Five #5

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Good morning and happy Friday. Welcome to today's friday five!

I stayed in on New Year's Eve
The big news this week was that I - yes ME - stayed in on New Year's Eve. After some discussion, Jody and I decided that we just couldn't be bothered. It's over rated and it never ends up being that good of a night anyway. Throughout the day we went to an all you can eat Chinese that we love before FINALLY watching Moana. On the night we watched Sons of anarchy, had a bath and were tucked up in bed for 11. Turned out to be one of our better NYE's.

The Moana soundtrack
In my movie round up post you will have seen me gushing over Disney's latest offering Moana and how much I loved the soundtrack. Well I loved it that much that I bought the soundtrack. We have a cd for the car and I have the download on my phone...I just can't get enough of it. It's not just me who loves it though, Jody can't stop singing it either - He even mentioned going to see it in the cinema again.

One pot chicken fajita pasta 
In this post I stated that one of my 'goals' for 2017 was eat a little bit healthier this year. I wouldn't say I'm on a diet but I'm definitely being a lot more conscious of what I eat - Less takeaways, more home cooked meals. The first jazzy new meal I made this year was this one pot chicken fajita recipe from Buzzfeed. Let me tell you, it's delicious. I made with with normal cheddar cheese so it wasn't too spicy (I'm a wuss) and whilst the sauce didn't go as thick as I would have liked, it still hit the spot. Definitely going to be looking on Buzzfeed for some more recipes.

Oh yeah, I go to Amsterdam tomorrow!
I turn 25 on Monday and as I've spent my last two birthdays abroad (Perth, Phuket) I really wanted to have a birthday away for a third year running. As money is tight due to Christmas and our May trip to Vegas and NYC, I settled on Amsterdam as a lot of friends had total me that it wasn't that much of a budget buster. It's my first time on a plane in nearly a year so I'm a little bit nervous but I can't wait to dust off my passport and go on a new mini adventure.

A hair cut
I got my hair dyed a couple of weeks and this week I had it cut for the first time since April. My mum was under strict instructions not to hack it off (she gets a bit scissor happy) and now I have a just under the chin length bob with a nice bit of fringe. It feels a lot lighter than before and I'm so glad I got it cut before my trip to Amsterdam.

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