Monday, 16 January 2017

Ten things you may or may not know about me


As I'm feeling very motivated to blog at the moment I figured it was maybe time to reintroduce myself with one of those standard blog posts that all bloggers seem to do at some point...

'Ten things you may or may not know about me'

- My natural hair colour is the usual mousy brown but bar a couple of centimetres of rootyness, I haven't seen it properly since I was 10 or 11. I've also been pretty much every colour possible too - Perks of having a hairdresser Momma I guess.

- If I could pick any decade to grow up during I would probably pick the 80's - The music was unreal and love it or hate it, it was such a fun decade for fashion, make up and hair.

- My spirit animals are probably sloths and Grumpy Cat. So I guess I'm very lazy, like to sleep and don't like fun or people (Just kidding, I like my kind of fun and a select group of people).

- I have had cars that have cost less than my MacBook. In fact all three of them cost less (possibly even combined now that I think about it). Oh dear.

- Dogs love me. Fact. And I love them. I am the dog whisperer and my main goal in life is to be a dog mama, rescuing unwanted doggys and giving them the life they deserve.

- I have scoliosis - Basically my spine is in the shape of an S instead of straight. I never had to have an operation on it as the curve's degree's aren't quite severe enough to warrant one but if you look closely you can see that I'm a bit wonky.

- I have four tattoos (my gorgeous mountain tattoo, my crap swallow, a Beatles lyric and a lightening bolt behind my ear) and over the years I've had 15 piercings but only have 5 in now.

- I first met my boyfriend on NYE 2009 and he was absolutely plastered so impressions weren't great. I met him again three months later through a mutual friend and even though I thought he was a massive chav, he was a good laugh and we got on really well. 7 years later and here we are.

- Despite being an A grade, top set student in high school I dropped out of A levels after 6 weeks, quit my Art BTec after a year and ditched my hairdressing qualification with one unit to go (I did go back and finish it though so there's that). I used to get really upset about all of my failures but nowadays I don't really care - I've done so many awesome things since.

-  I hate fancy dress. And not just in an 'oh it's just a bit naff' kind of way, I mean I loathe it entirely. Animal ears are about as far as I go.

Annnnd there we have it...Happy Monday!


  1. I would also pick the 80s! :) Love the website xx

    1. The 80's just looked great didn't they? Thank you so much! x