Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Some really good things that happened in 2016

reflecting on 2016

Don't you just love my crappy arts and crafts skills? I mean, look at that cutting phwoar! The clue for what this post is about is in the title - Some really good things that happened to me in 2016.

I finally experienced Thailand.

I've wanted to go to Thailand for years but it was never really an option on the money was on. Due to my wonderful Aussie wages travelling home via Thailand was do-able and on Boxing Day 2015 we were on the plane to Bangkok. I stroked elephants, fell in love with snorkelling, got a cracking tan and I found true happiness on a beach in Koh Tao. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I became an Auntie.

My highlight of 2016 was probably the arrival of my niece Ivy Bo. She is nearly 8 months old now and she's so cute. She has such a lovely smile and she loves having all eyes on her. I think she's going to be a very mischievous toddler and I can't wait until she's a bit older and I can start taking her on my adventures.

I saved nearly £6000.

When we came home we had to decide what it was we wanted. Did we want to travel again, did we want to rent or did we want to buy? We have fluctuated between all three many a times but ultimately we always decide that buying a house is the best course of action. It's been a hard slog of saying no to new opportunities and staying in a lot but we are so close now. I never imagined I would be able to save so much so I'm pretty chuffed with myself.

I saw The View three times.

This is just a small one compared to the others really but seeing my favourite band three times definitely makes it on to the highlight reel. We saw them once in York and twice in Scotland and let me telling you, seeing them in their home country is a whole different experience to seeing them here. The crowds are crazy and the buzz is unlike any other. Can't wait to see them again in 2017.

I started to earn decent money.

Lucky me was offered a job at my old place of work, in a better position on a better wage. I'm not living the dream but I've never earned this much money in my life. I know people think that money doesn't necessarily make you happy but it does make things a lot easier.

I bought a MacBook.
I only bought my baby last week but it is probably the best investment I have ever made. It's so much quicker than my old laptop and I'm hoping that having a MacBook will inspire me start writing 'properly' again - I've always loved writing but I've never had the confidence to submit articles elsewhere so this year I'm going to push myself and give it ago.

I'm closer to my family now than ever before.

Travelling long term without your support network definitely makes you put things into perspective. This year I've made a conscious effort to check in with my parents more (even if it's just a text) and I've tried to see other family members when I can. I feel like we are a lot closer than we used to be (although we still aren't huggers) and I like that a lot. Plus, babies really bring a lot of joy to a family so there's that too.

Did any really good things happen to you in 2016? They can be as big or as small as you like!


  1. These are all so lovely, especially the last one! <3

    1. Ahh thank you! Travelling has really made me want to put more effort in with my family :) x