Three of my Favourite Amsterdam Eats

renes croissants desserts

I’m not a very adventurous eater and as a child I was even worse (seriously, I used to live off Hienz spag bol, strawberry splits and Yorkshire puddings) so it will be no surprise to anyone that when I went to Amsterdam I didn’t try any Herring or funky cheeses. I didn’t even have any pancakes or waffles (mainly because we couldn’t find anywhere selling them when we fancied them).
HOWEVER I did take full advantage of all the delicious hand held snack foods that were on offer and remembered to take photos before I demolished them. Amsterdam had some wicked snack food places and whilst they weren’t particularly ‘Dutch’, they were still highly enjoyable. So If you’re hoping for a post about the healthy options Amsterdam has to offer then you’re in the wrong place ‘cos these will destroy your waistline.

chipsy king chips and garlic mayo

Chips with garlic mayo from Chipsy King €4.50
These chips were unreal. So was the garlic mayo. My God, I’m salivating thinking about them. Even the boyf, who isn’t the biggest fan of garlic mayo, couldn’t get over the greatness of these chips. 5 euros might sound expensive but when it comes to these potato-ey bits of heaven, totally worth it. Plus there is enough to share between two. Ooh and one of the guys told me I had magic eyes and told Jody that he was really lucky to have me. Shucks.


New York pizza, Amsterdam

Cheese pizza from New York Pizza (chain) €3-4 (can’t remember exactly soz)
This slice of pizza was huge and despite being reheated in an oven, it was actually really nice. The cheese to tomato ratio was perfect and the crust wasn’t too soft or too crunchy – it was just right. Could have done with some garlic mayonnaise but hey ho, I still ate it all.
renes croissants churros
Churros with icing sugar from Rene’s Croissants €6 for a medium cone
Jody ever so kindly pointed out that these churros resemble a bag of dicks and now that’s all I can see but don’t let their dickish appearance fool you – they were sent by the Gods. I bore on about how much I miss San Churro Chocolateria in Oz and these are a gazillion times better than the ones there. They only have a light dusting of cinnamon so it’s not overpowering and the icing sugar zings on the tongue. The churro’s themselves are perfectly crisp on the outside and lovely and fluffy on the inside, making them my favourite snack in Amsterdam. Mmm.
Next time I go to Amsterdam I’m probably going to be a bit more adventurous with what I eat and fingers crossed my budget will allow me to eat in restaurants with tables and chairs but hey ho, the food was still awesome (especially the churros).
What has been the best thing you’ve ever eaten on your travels? 


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