Monday, 10 July 2017

Five good things #9

lush sleepy body lotiom

1. We've booked another city break
I've spent my last three birthdays abroad - Perth, Phuket and Amsterdam - and my 26th in January is going to be no different. I'm not gunna spill the beans just yet (although I've already mentioned it on Twitter) as I've got a little post in the pipeline that goes into more detail so yeah, that'll be live this week.

2. Seeing Blink 182 at Leeds Arena
Blink 182 have been one of my favourite bands for aslong as I can remember and this was my fifth time seeing them live (My first time was when I was 12 - When did I get so old?!?) - I wasn't sure how it would be now that there is no Tom but I had nothing to worry about as they were fucking incredible. So much energy, loads of pyrotechnics and a shit tonne of songs, old and new. I ached so badly on Thursday from all the dancing I did!

3. The Warriors for PS4
The last few weeks have been pretty shit so to take my mind off things the husband decided to buy The Warriors for the PS4. After spending the day at Coney Island and watching the movie I'm now a mega fan and despite not being much of a gamer, I'm loving spending our evenings on The Warriors - Makes a nice to change to vegging out in front of the TV.

4. Lush Sleepy body lotion
My sleeping problem has reared it's ugly head again and when nothing else would work, I bought a pot of Sleepy body lotion out of desperation. Well it's worked wonders. I like to slap some on my arms and around my nose/temples before bed and within minutes I'm in the land of nod. I think it smells like a microwaveable heat bag and Jody thinks it smells like biscuits but we both agree that it smells devine. I'll deifnitely be buying a bigger tub next time.

5. Glitter Dr Martens
Dr Martens are one of my favourite footwear brands but due to the price I only own a couple of pairs (i.e. not enough). When I saw these babies (Affiliate) I knew that I neeeeeded them and thanks to my NUS card and a 10£ ASOS a list voucher I got them for 89£ instead of 110£. They are everything I thought they would be and more - They are basically me in shoe form.

And that's it for another week, happy Monday!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Exploring NYC with a City Pass


I left New York City feeling like I had found another home - The only other places I've had that feeling are in Chiang Mai and (anywhere) in Scotland. I felt instantly comfortable there and navigating the blocks, riding the subway and walking around Times Square at 1am felt completely natural to me. After finally experiencing NYC for myself I definitely understand what all the fuss is about - Even my city hating husband was googling if we could live there which was more amazing that NYC itself.

Before we went we decided to spent £92 ($122) on a city pass as we knew we would want to see all of the touristy things with it being our first visit. I would say that the city pass definitely made our visit a lot easier (although you don't really get to jump any queues as everyone else has had the same idea) so if it's your first time I would recommend that you look into getting one as it works out much cheaper than paying for each attraction individually. 

Next time we go to NYC (cos there will definitely be a next time!) we probably won't bother with any of the touristy things (I tell a lie - Jody wants to go to the top of Lady Liberty's crown) but I think seeing these attractions is something you simply have to do when you first visit NYC.


Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (Circle Line cruises)
Seeing the Statue of Liberty was number one on Jody's NYC bucket list so we decided to do it on the first day. We have seen the statue in so many movies and tv shows so seeing it with our own eyes was actually pretty surreal. It was a lot smaller than I expected but that doesn't mean it wasn't impressive. Unfortunately we never booked Pedestal or Crown tickets (they sell out in months in advance) but we still got to have a good look at her. Not gunna lie, we got the boat to Ellis Island, walked in and pretty much walked straight out and got on the next boat back to Battery Park - We just weren't that interested in it.


The 9/11 Memorial and Museum
The 9/11 memorial and museum affected me a lot more than expected as I'm known for being a bit on an ice queen. To see where the Twin Towers once stood was unreal as I never imagined them to be that big. Knowing that 3,000 people had lost their lives where I was standing was just so saddening. The museum itself is full of things collected from the debris - Crushed fire engines, people's belongings, even the buckled steel from where the plane hit one of the towers. The hardest part of the museum however was seeing all the missing posters and my heart broke reading every single one. I came out of the museum feeling pretty blue but I think it's so important to remember all those that lost their lives that day, and all those who are still suffering because of it.


The American Museum of Natural History
The Natural History Museum in London is one of my most favourite places in the world but the AMNH in NYC was just too big. It was hot, full of school kids and badly sign posted so we kept getting lost. If you have the time/patience then I'm sure it's great but it just wasn't for me. I did love the animal/taxidermy displays though as they were much grander than the London ones - The ones here are all bundled in glass cases whereas the NYC ones have proper scenery.


Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock had a ridiculous queue but I tell you what, it was bloody worth it and probably my number one thing to do in NYC (just a shame about the crap weather we got). You can see Central Park from one side and the Empire State Building from the other which was really cool. We spent quite a while up there and if you put a couple of quarters in the binoculars you can spot Lady Liberty. If you do anything in NYC, do this.
Empire State BUILDING

The Empire State Building
We went to the Empire State Building at night so it was really cool seeing NYC lit up - We didn't see the stars the whole time we were there and after seeing all the lights I know why. We went at ten pm and it was still absolutely manic so I dread to think what it's like during the day. We had to queue to get to the railings so we could take photos which was a bit of a bummer but I suppose when you go to one of the biggest cities in the world you aren't going to have a private tour of everything are you?

Would you consider buying a city pass? Or would you rather wing it?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

19 reasons why I love a bit of rain in Summer

Summer's okay isn't it? There's flowers everywhere, you can sit in the garden after work and everyone is in a good mood buuuuut despite my love for ice cream and pretty dresses, I'll always be more of an Autumn/Winter baby.

So when the temperature dropped, the clouds gathered and H20 came pouring from the skies last week I was pretty chuffed, won't lie.. Most people I know were pretty disappointed about this but not me. Nope, the rain was very welcome in my eyes - You only need to take one look at my ghostly pallor to figure out that the sun and I don't see eye to eye.

When people asked me why I loved the rain so much I was pretty quick to fire back a couple of response et voila! This post was born...

1. Everything looks super green and pretty thanks to the grey skies and wet ground.

2. After weeks of eating light dinners consisting of pasta, salad and sandwiches you can dig into some heavy duty carbs smothered in gravy.

3. I can dig out all my light jackets - They hide a multitude of sins and instantly jazz up an outfits (plus - sleeves. I love sleeves).

4. The air is so much fresher after a good rain storm and it no longer feels like you're inhaling smog.

5. Going to bed isn't a chore anymore as you don't spend the night fighting with the duvet or switching the fan on and off cos it no longer feels like you're sleeping in a volcano.

7. You don't feel obligated to go out at the weekend anymore - Who wants to go out when it's pissing down? Not me.

8. The Pj's and blankys can come out of the cupboard for a few days yay!

9. The candles are also back in action as they no longer add to the hell like temperature of your living room/bedroom and actually add a nice bit of ambience.

10. You don't have to wash your car for a while cos all the dust and grime has been washed away by the rain (Yes this is me and yes I am lazy. I know).

11. No more chub rub/chafing/sticking to leather chairs/leaving a small puddle on every item of plastic furniture you sit on.

12. It doesn't matter if you leave your sunglasses at home/work/in the car because you can open you're eyes outdoors without being blinded by the sun.

13. That extra 5/10 minutes spent slapping on suncream before you leave the house are no more, hurrah!

14. Your sugar intake drastically reduces as you are no longer inhaling ice lollies and fizzy pop like a dog that's been running around a field for half an hour at full speed.

15. Make up is no longer going to waste as it's staying on your face for longer than 5 milliseconds thanks to the lack of Sahara like heat.

16. The air feels super crisp, fresh and clean cos man we really needed that rain huh?

17. Friends are no longer ringing you up asking if you fancy doing something cos the sun's out. Back to hibernation we non people people go.

18. Baths are back on the cards. No-one wants a bath when you're house is like sauna do they?

19. Dare I say it....It get's you in the mood for Costa and blankets and thick knits and yankee candles and...Christmaaaaas (Sorry. Sort of).

What's your favourite season?

Monday, 3 July 2017

Five good things #8


1. A surprise bouquet of flowers delivered to work
I've had a pretty shitty week so when  a bouquet of purple and pink (my favourite colours) flowers showed up at work it definitely brightened my day. Almost a week later and they are still going pretty strong - Points to the husband me thinks.

2. Booking in for my next tattoo
After watching the re-run of Season 5 of Ink Master Jody and I both got that 'I need a new tattoo itch'. I've booked in with Aimee for a thigh piece in September and cannot wait to have something new adorning my body - I can probably wait for the pain though cos I'm a total wuss.

3. Milky bar with smarties
Let week I was obsessed with Milka, this week it's Milky bar with Smarties just out of the fridge *Que Homer Simpson style drool*. I'm not usually one for bulk buying white chocolate as it is far too sickly but this stuff is just beautiful. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever thought it would be a good idea.

4. This ASOS body
I actually bought this body last year but I lost it when we moved and it was no longer on the website. I've been keeping an eye out for a similar one and at the beginning of the week I discovered they had restocked it - YAY! I love a good bodysuit as I believe they hide a multitude of sins and I especially love the high neck sleeveless style of this one in particular. Super soft material too.

5. A Bloody Mary Metal post day
I bought two BMM rings a while back (post here) then decided to put myself on a ban cos they aren't exactly cheap. Wellll I finally broke that ban this week and purchased the beautiful Crossbones ring that I have been lusting after for what feels like forever. I didn't feel too guilty about splashing out on it as I used my overtime money and felt like it was a well deserved treat for working so hard over the few weeks. BMM = <3

Happy Monday!

Friday, 30 June 2017

My 2017 goals: A 6 month review

For me, 2017 has been a year of growth.

It was never my plan for it to be a year of growth but that's how it's turned out.

I've moved into my own home, I've got married, I've travelled, I've been promoted at work and I'm starting a new course that will enable me to go down more of a teaching path if I wish to do so. I've started making more time for my friends and family and I've stopped going out as much as I'm a big fan of waking up on a Sunday with a clear head and a healthy looking bank balance. It's been pretty sweet (bar the tories getting into power again anyways).

In celebration of making it halfway through the year I figured today was a pretty good time to look back on my beginning of the year goals and see how well I'm getting on with them.

(i.e not so well).


Buy a house.
As we all know I sacked off saving to move into a rented property then I used some more of my savings to go to America for two weeks. I was left with a still pretty good sum but nowhere near enough to buy a house. I think my priorities have changed since I first wrote out my 2017 as I no longer think a mortgage will make me happy - I'm not saying I won't ever get around to buying one but for now, this is going on the back burner.

Start reading books again instead of scrolling mindlessly through Instagram when I'm bored.
I can tick this one off the list as I have well and truly (re)caught the reading bug this year. I've read around ten books which could be improved upon but considering I've read next to nothing over the last two years that ain't half bad. I'm currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman so I will probably be reading that for a while as it's 700+ pages long.

Eat a bit better and move a bit more.
Erm. Well I'm eating a little bit better I guess? Less snacks and more home cooked meals but that's about it. I would love to move a bit more but I'm part sloth and can never be arsed. I've been thinking about joining Jody's gym, I just need a little push to do so.

Visit as many new places as possible.
So far I've visited Amsterdam, NYC and Las Vegas which is pretty fucking cool. I have three days in Berlin pencilled in my diary for October but apart from that I don't have anything else on. I wouldn't mind a cheeky staycation somewhere but we will have to see what my funds allow.

Have the confidence to write articles and submit them to other sites.
So this one is a big nope as I've barely had chance to write for my blog, nevermind someone else's. I'm not writing this one off altogether though as I'm hoping that once things calm down at work I will have some free time on my hands.

How are you getting on with your goals? Have you achieved them or have you abandoned them?   

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My five favourite Las Vegas experiences

Las Vegas was an interesting town crammed with people, bright lights everywhere you turn and 40 degree heat that hits you square in the face the minute you leave the lovely air conditioned hotel. I don't think I will be in any rush to head back there as it was super busy and hot but I'm glad that I've experienced the weird and wonderful Sin City.

I'm pretty crap at introducing my posts so I'm just gunna crack on with it - Here are my five favourite experiences from my week in Las Vegas.

Downtown Las Vegas
I preferred downtown Las Vegas to the strip as it's exactly how I imagined Las Vegas to be. Thousands of twinkling lights, vintage looking signs and heaps of people milling around taking everything in. The newer strip was cool and all but it was a bit too flash for me and didn't have the same buzzing atmosphere as Old Vegas (It was a lot cheaper than the strip as well). I didn't make it to the Neon Museum unfortunately but I did go to the Mob Museum which I would highly recommend if you're into true crime and gangsters like I am.

Hopping in a helicopter and flying over the Grand Canyon
It's safe to say that I am bloody terrified of flying and after getting a little hopper plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon I'm even more scared than I was before - But I bloody LOVED the helicopter ride in and out of the Grand Canyon. Taking off and flying into the Canyon was like being on a not so scary rollercoaster and my God, it was amazing. The Grand Canyon is a pretty spectacular sight to behold too, it's just a shame that some tourists felt the need to play music from speakers and ruin the ambience of the place (yes that really happened!).

The Venetian hotel
The hotels on the main strip are huge. Someone told me they were like shopping centre's and I thought she was exaggerating but nope, they're bloody massive. My favourite had to be The Venetian with it's artificial river, singing gondoliers and exquisite design - it's absolutely bizarre, a little bit tacky but totally mesmerising. Plus it had a Sephora so yeah, amazing.

Watching the Bellagio fountains from the Eiffel Tower
The Bellagio fountains were nice to watch from the ground but when we went up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel we got an even better view of them. The tower itself is 33 stories high, took 2 years to build and cost 780 million dollars (!!!) to create and whilst I wouldn't say it's a must do, if you want some good views of the strip it's definitely worth paying the $25 to go up and have a nosey.

The flower carousel at the Wynn
I got a little bit lost inside the Wynn so I'm not 100% sure where this carousel is - We walked through the shopping centre doors and followed it around and came across it by accident - but it's stunning. The carousel actually moves around and it's adorned with hundred's of flowers. It's just really, really pretty and bonus, it's free to look at.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What did you think. Crazy isn't it!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Five Good Things #7

the bull inn, west canfield

Happy Monday and welcome to yet another instalment of five good things. I struggled to come up with a list this week as I've been doing a lot of overtime at work but I got there in the end. 

1. A cheeky Monday off
I rocked up to work last Monday only to be informed that someone had driven into the BT box outside and all the power was going to be turned off so they could repair it...Meaning we were all getting sent home. I ended up going for a pub lunch with the girls as it was a b-e-a-utiful day and dare I say it, I've even got a bit of a tan.

2. Milka chocolate bars
Milka bars are 50p in Morrisons at the moment and it's dangerous. It's creamy, smooth and tastes delicious - A very underrated chocolate bar.

3. Having a puppy in the office
My work place is pretty chill so when one of the lads asked if he could bring his puppy Cooper in whilst he crate trains him the managers were really cool about it. He is absolutely bloody gorgeous - He's so so soft and he always comes over to say hello on a morning the lil cutie.

4. The Handmaid's Tale on C4
Jesus Christ this programme is deep. If you don't know what it's about it's based on the 1985 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. It tells the story of Offred, a handmaid living in a dystopian society where women are property of the state and many are infertile - The handmaid's are basically walking talking wombs for the rich people who can't have kids. It's really dark and Elizabeth Moss is bloody fantastic in it.

5. A successful NVQ meeting
I've finished my level 3 NVQ in Business Administration after one year of study and now it's onto the next one - a level 3 course in Learning and development. This is basically an assessors qualification and it would mean I would be able to teach any courses that I've done previously. It sounds really interesting and it's definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to where I want to go next with my career path.

And that's it! Have a lovely week!


Friday, 23 June 2017

Photo Diary: Coney Island, NYC

One of Jody's favourite films is 'The Warriors', the 1979 cult classic about a gang trying to get home to Coney Island after they are framed for murder, so obviously a visit to Coney Island was on the top of his NYC hit list.

I might not be *that* into scary rides but I bloody loved Coney Island - I loved the boardwalk, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the Wonder Wheel (the pods rock - quite literally). It was just a really good day out, one that I would highly recommend. Oh and I did I mention it's probably one of the most Instagrammable places I've ever been? Yep even when it's grey and cloudy.

Anyways I'm not gunna babble on trying to sell you on it. Instead take a peek at some of my photos* - I'm sure you'll soon understand why I found the place so charming.

Now please excuse me whilst I go buy The Warriors game for PS4...

So have any of you guys been to Coney Island before? What did you think?

*Soz there aren't many photos of the actual rides, I was all about the vintage looking signs scattered around the park!


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Some Sephora Treats

kat von d, too faced, stila

Obviously no trip to the USA is complete without a trip to every beauty addict's idea of Valhalla, Sephora. All the items I ended up buying are available in the UK (I think anyways) but I would never usually buy them as the price tags aren't exactly budget friendly. SO - Shall we talk about what I treated myself too?

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks in (L-R) Backstage Bambi, Bow n Arrow and A Go Go
Matte lippies were never really my thang as they made my lips look v cat bum-esque but these Kat Von D lipsticks are a game changer as they have am much nicer formula than most. I didn't think any of these shades would suit me but they do, it's a miracle! I was never a full time lipstick wearer but these little vials of beauty and colour may have converted me.

Too Faced better than sex mascara
This has been on my to buy list for a while as a tonne of bloggers call it their ride or die mascara but after looking at the brush I wasn't sold and decided to sack it off. Anyways my mascara ran out whilst I was in the USA so I decided to bite the bullet and try it out...And I love it. Sure it's expensive but it doesn't cause my eyelashes to clump together and it makes them feel all feathery and thick.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora glow kit

Stila magnificent metals glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold Retro
I bought diamond dust when Stila had an easter promo on and I really regretted not buying more. I was hoping to get some of the mermaid shades but they weren't in stock in store so I settled for my second choice, rose gold retro. If you're a glitter fiend like myself you will ADORE these shadows as they are super easy to use, there's no fall out and the colours are bold and eye catching. Pricey yes, but well worth the cost.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora glow kit
I really really really wanted the ABH x Nicole whatsit highlighter palette but as it was limited edition it was sold out everywhere and no longer in stock on the website so I ended up picking the candy coloured Aurora glow kit up instead. When applied properly these look absolutely stunning but if you go in with a heavy hand they can look a little bit clown like. The formula is lovely though and you hardly need any product on your brush to get a nice result.

Have you tried any of these out?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Five good things #6

urban decay naked heat

1. A return to a life of routine and normality
Don't get me wrong, if someone offered me a lottery win I would travel the world until my feet wouldn't take me any further BUT it's been really good to get back to normal after my holiday. At the beginning of the week I had such bad jetlag and my sleeping pattern was all over the place so it's nice to feel like myself again.

2. I finally got my paws on a Chip mug!
Well I didn't get it my Mum did but still, YAY! I asked my Mum & Sister to keep an eye out for a Chip mug for me as they live/work in a bigger town that I do and after months of patiently waiting they came across a lone mug languishing by the tills and snapped it up for me. It's more of an ornament than a functioning mug (I don't drink tea of coffee) but I love it.

3. The Urban Decay 'Naked Heat' palette
Yep sorry, I'm one of the many who jumped on the bandwagon and ordered UD's latest offering the minute the pre-sale opened. Although to be fair, I did have the day off and was suffering from jet lag/holiday blues so you can't blame me can ya? I've always been a big fan of warm shades as I feel they really make my blue eyes pop so this palette is perfect for me.

4. My blackout curtains
I'm sorry, this is such a boring grown up thing but my new blackout curtains are the bomb. As you may know we are in a rental property and whilst it's decorated to our tastes, the bedroom curtain were very thin and let in a lot of light in the morning. This didn't bother Jody but it bothered me so I went and bought myself some blackout curtains and man, my sleep quality has improved tenfold. No more 5 am wake up calls from the sun for me anymore.

5. All of the ice lollies.
This weekend has been so bloody hot and it's been lush (even if I have spent most of it hiding inside cos I can't hack it). My no1 fave thing about Summer is most definitely the amount of ice lollies that I can consume with no judgement - So far I've had a Twister, a lemonade ice lolly and three Vimto ones. I am living my best life that's for sure.

Happy Monday!

Friday, 16 June 2017

What I Watched Holiday Edition

what I watched holiday edition - chip mug

I may have been on holiday but that didn't stop me from watching 5 brand new (to me) movies, three of which were on aeroplanes and two of which were in the AMC cinema near Times Square. I really enjoyed the bulk of these movies and it felt nice to resurrect my 'what I watched' series from last year.

So...What did I watch?

Even though Sing is a children's film I think a lot of adult's will be able to relate to some of the character's stories - There's the koala who is drowning in debt and trying to keep his business alive, the pig who feels like she has lost a part of herself after having kids,the gorilla who wants to break away from the family business, the porcupine with a broken heart and the elephant with crippling anxiety. Relate to any of those? I know I do. Aswell as having a good story the songs are a lot of fun and you will be bopping away in your seat, I guarantee.

Beauty and the Beast
As a kid I preferred Disney movies with a strong animal lead (Simba I'm looking at you) so whilst I liked Beauty and the Beast, it wasn't one of my all time faves which is why I think I bloody loved the live action (I saw a lot of harcore B&TB fans saying that they didn't really like it). I loveloveloved the casting of Belle and Gaston, I enjoyed the little extra insight into Belle's backstory and the music was bloody fantastic - I had 'Be Our Guest' in my head for days after watching.

Let me say this : Don't go into the cinema expecting a stellar bit of cinema that will move you and blow your mind cos you will come away severely disappointed. However if you go in expecting a bit of smut, some good giggles and plenty of topless Zac Efron then you are in luck. It's extremely far fetched in places but going by what I've heard about the original TV show that's the whole point - It's very aware that it's a silly comedy and to be honest it's a bit of fun and all the naysayers obviously don't have a sense of fun.

Wonder Woman
I turned the first Cavill/Superman movie off and Suicide Squad could have been a bazillion times better but Wonder Woman was near on flawless. Gal Gadot is not only a ridiculously beautiful woman but she also plays Diana fabulously - She portrays her as a powerful warrior with a wonderful innocence that works fantastically. The chemistry and humour between her and Steve/Chris Pine is unreal and I could have watched them share the screen all day. Take some tissues for the end!

The Lego Batman Movie
Sorry to end this on a bad note but I watched this on the red eye home and to be honest I wans't blown away - It might have been 'cos I was really tired but the story line didn't really grab me. Maybe I was just a tad too old for it? It did have some comedic moments though so I wouldn't say avoid it...Maybe just wait til it's on Sky Premiere or Netflix instead of buying it.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to get married in Las Vegas

How to get married in Las Vegas

When you've been together (and engaged) for as long as Jody and I have, a big white wedding seemed pretty pointless, especially as we aren't huge on PDA's, we didn't want to spend loads on a party and my idea of hell us trying to walk in a straight line with loads of people watching me so whilst we were in Las Vegas we decided to bite the bullet and have a quick sign and go wedding - Surprise!

Getting married in Las Vegas was ridiculously easy - So easy that I now know how Britney managed to marry Jason Alexander whilst drunk as a skunk.

First of all, I filled out a pre marriage application form. All you need is both your info + your parent's info and you're good to go. Make a note of your reference number once you've submitted it and then head downtown to the marriage license bureau - We were staying downtown so it took us 5 minutes to walk to it but if you are on the strip it will roughly cost around $25 in a cab (or you can get the Deuce bus for $6 but it takes ages).

We arrived at the marriage license bureau just after it opened so there were no queues and as we had already filled out the form we were in and out fairly quickly. We just had to double check our details, sign a couple of things, let them copy our passports and hand over $77/£61.

And just like that, we had our license.

How to get married in Las Vegas

Next up was the wedding itself.

Jody and I decided to go for a no fuss 'sign and go' ceremony at The Little Neon Chapel. It was tiny and tucked away behind Denny's on Fremont Street but for what we wanted it was ideal. We handed over our license, our $35/£27 wedding fee and the $50/£40 officiant fee before signing yet another form stating that we knew what we were getting into.

We then watched another couple have a slightly fancier wedding (that had guests and a photographer) before being called up to the front desk for our own - Yep we didn't even go into the chapel. Less than five minutes later and £120, we were married. No long vows, no rings and only a chapel member of staff as a witness. BOOM.

Now we are home we just have to wait for our marriage to be registered in Las Vegas before we can apply for an official certificate. After doing some research I don't think we have to file it here legally but we can give our certificate to the registry office incase we ever need another copy.

Getting married in Las Vegas was so so easy and I wouldn't change anything about it - Would you ever consider a quickie wedding or would you rather have a big wedding with the white dress and all that jazz?

How to get married in Las Vegas

Monday, 12 June 2017

Five good things #5

1. My holiday
So Las Vegas and NYC were great. There's plenty of blog posts to come on my ten days away so I won't go into to much detail but I had so much fun and it felt like we were away for a lot longer than ten days! I've spent the last couple of days in limbo - Not properly awake but not really asleep either - so I obviously can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.

2. Getting into my own bed after two weeks away
The hotels we stayed in were pretty great but nothing - NOTHING - beats getting into your own bed after a few weeks away. My mattress topper is super soft, my pillows are squishy and it's just so warm and cosy. Holiday's are awesome but it's always nice to come home isn't it?

3. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks 
Obviously no trip to the USA is complete without a few visits to Sephora and I came away with a plethora of goodies. My no.1 favourite was the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks (which I know are available here but I've never seen them in store to swatch and didn't fancy buying blind), so much so that I ended up buying 3 - Bow N Arrow, Backstage Bambi and A Go Go. I love the formula and they really do last.

4. 'Mischling' by Affinity Konar
I bought this book in JFK as it's been on my Amazon Wishlist for ages and let me tell you, it's a fantastic read. I haven't quite finished it yet but it's already one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's rather sad though so prepare yourself if you decide to pick it up.

5. Trainspotting 2
If you read this review you will know that I loved T2 when I went to watch it at the cinema so I've been patiently waiting for it's DVD release. My Mum bought it for me whilst I was away so the boyf and I spent our Sunday evening snuggled on the sofa watching Renton and Sickboy misbehave for a second time - It's just as good on the second watch as it was on the first.

Happy Monday!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Huckleberry's Diner, York

Huckleberry's Diner, York

We aren't blessed with American style diners where I live so we have to head to York or Leeds to get our fix most of the time. One such diner that was recommended to the boyfriend and I was Huckleberry's, a roadhouse/grill/man vs food type of establishment that was a 45 minute drive from our house.

On bank holiday Monday (the day before we flew to Vegas) we decided we couldn't wait 24 hours for our diner fix and decided to succumb to pressure and try the place out. Not gunna lie, from the outside it wasn't the most impressive of establishments but inside had a nice atmosphere, full of lovely staff and plenty of choice. 

Unfortunately we didn't pre book so we had a fifteen minute wait BUT we kind of expected it with it being a bank holiday so meh (my advice is definitely to pre book, especially if there are more than two of you)

Huckleberry's Diner, York

If you have a look at the menu you can see that there's a lot of choice and the portions are absolutely bloody massive. If you have a smaller appetite (like myself) you could probably share with another little eater and still be absolutely pogged.

It took us a while to choose but in the end we were both really pleased with our decisions.

Huckleberry's Diner, York

Filthy Pig £12.95 with cajun wedges (+£1.50)
Slow cooked marinated pulled pork glazed with our own BBQ sauce, loaded with melted mozzarella, streaky bacons, crispy onions and baconnaise. 

So after much deliberation I went for the filthy pig sandwich - The burgers were pretty tempting but they just fill me up too much and I end up leaving a lot. The pulled pork was delicious - the sauce wasn't too sweet and the meat wasn't too fatty - and the bacon, onions and cheese just gave it a little bit of extra something something. The baconnaise? Couldn't even taste it to be honest. 

The cajun wedges were okay but they weren't as good as Five Guys cajun fries so meh, sorry Huckleberry's but there's are the bomb.

I didn't eat all of my sandwich (but as mentioned I can never finish a meal thanks to my small appetite) but it was definitely up there in my top 5 pulled pork sandwich chart. 

A point for Huckleberry's.

Huckleberry's Diner, York

Bucket of Bones (serves 3-4) £18.95
Cajun wedges, Texas BBQ St Louis ribs & 18 chicken wings, 6 of each glazed with Southwest, Tennessee Bourbon and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

My favourite chubby bunny took forever to pick what he wanted (as he always does) and eventually settled on the bucket of bones which is actually a sharing platter meant to serve four.

The little piggy made a pretty good go of it though, demolishing all of the Southwest and Tennessee wings, two of the Louisiana ones (they were spicy as hell) and the large majority of the ribs. The wedges were at the bottom of the bucket though which meant they went all soggy and gross so ended up skipping them as he likes his wedges a bit crunchier.

I sampled some the SW and Tennessee wings and I can confirm that they were bloody delicious. There was a fair old whack of meat on the wings too so it's definitely good value if there's a group of you or you're a greedy Gus like Jodes. The ribs had a great meat to bone ratio aswell so carnivores will definitely love the bucket of bones.

See evidence of Jody's love for chicken and ribs below. What a mess eh?

Huckleberry's Diner, York

All in all, Huckleberry's was pretty sweet. I wouldn't be in a huge rush to go back as it's a bit too far out of the way to just spontaneously visit but if I was out that way I'd definitely consider it.

So tell me, what's your favourite UK based American diner?

Find Huckleberry's DinerMalton Road, A64, Flaxton, York, YO60 7SG

Friday, 2 June 2017

Review: POTC Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon.
Starring Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Geoffrey Rush, Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a part of my life for fourteen years now and 'Dead men tell no tales' is the fifth and apparently final installment of the series. To keep things brief and spoiler free, the story follows young Henry Turner (yep Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan's sprog) as he searches for the fabled trident of Poseidon so he can free his father from the curse that befell him in 'At World's End'.

As usual I'll start with what I believed to be the worst part of the movie - And unfortunately it's Jack Sparrow himself.

He's too drunk, too loud and bar being the reason the villain is pursuing the group, he doesn't really bring anything to the film. It was cool seeing a bit of his back story but honestly? I just found him annoying for the large majority of the film. 

(There's also one scene at the beginning involving a bank that was a touch too far fetched for me but some won't have a problem with it, it's all down to personal taste).

Apart from that though I thought it was a pretty good film. Not mind blowing, but a good watch that provided some good laughs, a couple of scares and some belting special effects (watch out for the sharks!).

I was rather dubious about the introduction of two new characters - Henry and Carina - but I actually really liked the pair. They didn't have the drippy fairytale 'will they won't they' thing that Bloom and Knightley had going on (thank God) and the flirting that they did do didn't make you want to crawl under your chair. Henry's rather sweet and Carina is an independent lady with more to her than a pair of tits, a pretty face or loads of money.

Barbossa took more of a step forward in this film and we got to see him in a different light - I won't spoil it for you but I really liked the way his story line ended up going. Geoffrey Rush is a cracking actor isn't he? 

And of course the new villain, cursed ghost/pirate hunter Salazar played by Oscar winner Javier Bardem. He's super scary, he's oozes ooze (blood maybe?) and he has a hatred for Jack Sparrow that drives the plot forward - Bardem makes a FANTASTIC villain that wouldn't be out of place in a child's nightmare.

So yeah, Pirates five? It gets a thumbs up from me.The cameo's from previous cast members (if you know, you know) are nice and tbh, if they'd been in it anymore I'd have probably walked out because they did my head in. It's not as good as the first one (but none of them are) but it's not as stupid and unfollowable as the third. I liked the new cast members but am happy to say goodbye to some of the old.

But that's my opinion! 

Have you seen POTC5 yet? What did you think to it?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Five good things #4

alright blondie

1. The emergency services and the beautiful wonderful people of Manchester and beyond
I couldn't do a post about good things without touching on the tragedy that occured at Manchester Arena last week - People were retweeting images of lost children, offering out their homes to those in need and giving lifts to anyone who was stranded aswell as a whole lot more. The emergency services were fucking amazing, as they always are in times of need and even though it was an awful awful event, one that will scar so many people for the rest of their lives, it showed just how kind and resiliant the human race can be.

2. I go on holiday tomorrow
It seems a little bit callous to discuss a tragedy then jump to something happy like my holiday but I spose in times of terror you have to carry on - If you live in fear the terrorists will have won. I'll be in Vegas and New York for ten days and I won't be posting anything as I totally forgot to schedule any posts (although I will probably be v v v active on Instagram if you fancy giving me a follow).

3. The first taste of Summer 
My wardrobe is made up of pretty much all black, I struggle to sleep cos of the mafting heat and have a sweaty upper lip 99% of the time it's around but man this week has been lush. I've sat outside on my lunch, I've had my second Twister of the season, I've attended two bbq's this weekend alone and I've already consumer many fruity ciders. Oh and I've burned my shoulders and face already - But it's been bloody lovely and everyone's been in such good spirits.

4. The Ordinary Colours foundation
I pre-ordered the serum and coverage foundation at the beginning of April and this week they finally arrived thanks to a waiting list of 20,000 people. I was a bit dubious about ordering online but I managed to get my shade bang on thank God - 1.2P or light with pink undertones if you were wondering. The serum is a great light foundation that has been perfect for work whilst it's been a million degrees and the coverage foundation is lovely as it doesn't make your skin feel clogged with product. At £5.70 and £5.90 you can't really go wrong.

5. My new hurrr
Think I've mentioned before that my Momma's a v v v good hairdresser but if I haven't, she's great. She did my hair for me on Saturday and she's taken a nice chunk off so it feels much lighter and healthier. I've also said goodbye to my mousey roots and had a silvery grey toner put on and it looks a million times better. So swishy!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Five good things #3

the pancake house pateley bridge

1. Three Girls on BBC One
A three part series focusing on the Rochdale sexual abuse scandal focuses on three girls who were treated horrendously by a large group of middle aged men, the sexual health worker who fought for years to get their stories heard (Maxine Peake is outstanding as Sara) and the police's lack of action when it came to charging the men when the abuse first came to light (They fucked up royally). It's heart breaking but it's a must watch so that we can educate ourselves on how to look for warning signs that young people may be in danger and how to do something about it.

2. Getting a mention in Beverley's newsletter
Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I opened up last Monday's edition of The Letter B and saw one of my posts in the link love section! I *think* this is the first time one of my blog posts has been shared by another blogger/writer on their platform so not gunna lie, I ws pretty made up (Sign up to The Letter B here or have a nosy at Beverley's blog).

3. Aldi cajun chicken & sweet potato fries
I've been trying to eat healthier lunches whilst at work (by healthier I mean not smothered in cheese) and my current go to is Aldi's cajun chicken with a handful of their sweet potato fries (and a splodge of garlic mayo ofc). It's the perfect non-boring lunch that keeps me going until tea time.

4. Oreo milkshakes at the Pancake House in Pateley Bridge
On Sunday morning Jody and I headed to the Pancake House in Pateley Bridge to sample some - you guessed it - pancakes! I wasn't huge on them to be honest as I don't really do breakfast at the best of times but they were okay I guess. The star of the show however was the Oreo milkshake that I ordered, complete with chocolate sauce to make it look a bit more instagrammable....Delicious.

(PS how tanned are Jody's arms in the photo? I look like a milky bar next to him).

5. The holiday countdown is officially on!
A week tomorrow I will be on route to Las Vegas and I am so excited to walk out of work on Friday knowing that I have SEVENTEEN glorious days off. I can't tell you just how ready I am for a holiday and some pool days are definitely in order.

Happy Monday!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Sunday Dinner at The Forresters Arms, Kilburn

north yorkshire countryside
The boyfriend and I have been on the hunt for a new pub to frequent for Sunday dinner for a while now as our previous haunt was handed over to new owners and the food just wasn't the same after that. After a few failures we have finally found a new pub in Kilburn (near Thirsk and the white horse) called The Forresters Arms and OMG.

I chose the beef sunday dinner and for £9.95 you can't really go wrong. Fluffy mash, a massive Yorkshire pudding and tender beef, fresh vegetables, flavoursome gravy and peppered* roast potatoes. Jesus H Christ I'm not kidding when I say I was in carb heaven - I could have easily eaten another portion.

However instead of ordering for a second Sunday dinner (that would have been ridiculous), I instead opted to peruse the dessert menu before settling on the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and shortbread crumble - which was another winner despite my tummy groaning at me by the time I scraped the last few morsels into my gob.
As the sun was shining we ate our meal outside and it was just one of those really nice days. Good food, good company, good conversation...Oh and we also witnessed a middle aged fella going home in a JCB digger. Only in Yorkshire eh?
One of the best things about living in North Yorkshire - apart from the beautiful greenery and the crisp air - is definitely the abundance of country pubs and I'm so lucky that I get to live in such an awesome place.
Can any of my fellow Northerners (ideally based in North Yorkshire) recommend any other Sunday dinner spots? I'm always on the lookout for a new place to grab some grub!
*(Fyi, peppered roasties? Total game changer).
Sunday Dinner at The Forresters Arms, Kilburn
Dessert at The Forresters Arms, Kilburn

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Three new Barry M buys

Barry M new releases

First of all let me say this - Barry M are on of my favourite brands of all time and I've been buying religiously from them since I was 13 so believe me when I say it PAINS me to write an even slightly negative review of their products - Which is exactly what I had to do in this post *cries*.

So yeah, sorry Barry M (I really do love you though).

Illuminating strobe cream in 'Galactic' - £4.49
I've had the iced bronze strobe cream in my collection for quite some time now and I adore it (so subtle and easy to apply!) so when I saw Galactic I decided to give it a try. I was actually quite underwhelmed by it in the bullet but when applied to the skin it's really fucking blue. Definitely best that you use a light hand when applying it or you end up looking a bit like an alien (but if that's the look you're going for then you should buy this).

If you want a quick on the go highlighter then Barry M strobe creams are the one but maybe just go steady when using Galactic.

'Feature Length' mascara - £4.99
Barry M's 'That's How I Roll' is my all time favourite budget mascara so I had high hopes for the newest addition to the range, 'Feature Length'. I liked the brush as it's quite small and dainty but unfortunately the formula isn't the best, leaving me with clumpy lashes that don't look that much longer than they did before. 

It's a thumbs down from me sadly.

Molten Metals nail polish in 'Holographic Lights' - £3.99
I have a rose gold molten metal polish already and to be honest, it's not my fave. However when I saw Barry M were releasing a very on trend chrome style polish I bought it without hesitation 'cos I'm a beast who can't be stopped.

Not gunna lie, it's quite hard work to apply as it needs quite a few layers in order to look bold and eye catching but if you take your time and add a top coat it looks a-ma-azing. Much cheaper than a proper chrome manicure, although not as long lasting unfortunately.

Have you tried any of the latest Barry M releases? What did you think to them? Let me know if you got on better with them that I did!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Five good things #2

alright bond five good things

1. Celebrating my niece's first birthday.
Little Ivy Bo turned one on Thursday (I know I can't believe it either) and to celebrate the fam headed to Billy Bob's parlour and Hesketh Farm Park. Despite the clouds we still had a pretty awesome day and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Ivy or us adults.

2. Superdrug vitamin E hot cloth cleanser.
I've been struggling with my skin for a few months now and nothing I buy seems to work. After reading numerous reviews raving about how good Superdrug's hot cloth cleanser is I decided to buy it despite the main ingredient being cocoa butter (which ain't great for spot prone skin I've heard). Anyway I've been using it for a week now and my skin feels as soft as a babe's bum - Plus *touches wood* there haven't been any more angry outbreaks so here's hoping I've found my holy grail product.

3. Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
So it's shark week this week and as per usual I want to eat anything chocolatey within a ten mile radius. Luckily for me Ben & Jerry's is on offer for £2.50 at Tesco's (until the 22nd of May by the way, you're welcome) so I made sure that I had some chocolate fudge brownie ready and waiting in the freezer. I bloody love Ben & Jerry's ice cream but can only bring myself to buy it when it's on offer - The wait makes it taste that much better though.

4. Buying tickets to see Katherine Ryan in New York
Katherine Ryan is one of Jody and I's favourite comedians so when I saw on Twitter that she would be doing a show in NYC whilst we were there I was straight on the tinterweb snapping up tickets. She's going to be performing at the apparently legendary Carolines stand up comedy club and it's just made me even more excited for our upcoming trip.

5. The Bourne Identity
People have been telling me to watch The Bourne Identity (starring Matt Damon) for years and I finally watched it on Saturday night - OMG. I really don't know what took me so long because it's definitely my kind of movie and y'know, Matt Damon <3

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The importance of curating a life offline.

ALRIGHT BLONDIE The importance of curating a life offline.

One of the best things about being born in the nineties is that whilst I remember a time that centred heavily around Nickelodeon, Pokemon and playing out, I also remember the rise of the internet, social media and smartphones.

Technology really shaped my teens and early twenties and like most of you it dominates my life. I'm constantly refreshing Twitter, checking in on how many likes my latest Instagram photo got, thinking up new blog content ideas. I work with a computer all day at work and then I come home and sit on my Macbook or phone - It's actually a little bit sad but it appears that this is what life is like for most people now.

We are always on the hunt for approval from our peers, we want to be seen as living the perfect life and in a world where numbers are a big deal, we are always hoping that other people like what we share enough that they click that little follow button.

And it's bloody exhausting isn't it?

When my boyfriend went away last week, rather than getting sucked into a social media black hole I made the effort to see my friends and family. I drank cocktails, ate all the carbs and nearly cried watching Pete's Dragon. When he came home I left my Macbook lying unused and unloved on the coffee table whilst we spent time together, cooking delicious meals and watching tv shows without interruptions from other screens.

It was great.

In fact it was such a great week that it led to an unintentional mini blogging break and it made me realise how so much of my stress and worry comes from being online. I'm always comparing my life to others, lusting over the latest high end up make up drop or wishing that I was on a white sandy beach working on my golden glow (just kidding, milk bottle for life).

Spending quality time with my nearest and dearest had such a positive effect on me mentally that it actually shocked me a little bit - Maybe the experts are right and social interaction is good for us humans, who knew?

It made me realise that the majority of us are so heavily involved in our lives online that we forget that we have a life to curate offline too.

So with that in mind, remember to do things because they will be fun, not because it will make fabulous content for your blog. Share that meaningful quote on Twitter because it speaks to you, not because you think it will get you a load of retweets and a handful of new followers. Eat that sprinkle covered ice cream because it tastes great, not because it will look good on your Instagram feed.

Instead of worrying about the life you have behind a screen, take a moment to live in the moment and appreciate the real things that you have in your life.

You never know what you might be missing out on.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Five good things #1

the body shop, pizza express, fantastic beasts and where to find them

(I was supposed to post this on Friday but totally forgot so all of these are things that happened/I enjoyed over the bank holiday weekend, not the one just gone. My bad. I'll try harder next week promise).

1. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal face mask
Whilst I'm not totally enamoured with this much hyped about face mask (I don't think it minimized my pores in the slightest) I do like it. It smells really fresh and leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft. At £16 it ain't exactly cheap but as I can't afford a Glamglow mask it's definitely the next best thing.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
I absolutely loved this movie when it came out in cinema's (So much so that that I went to watch it twice) so when I got paid I decided it was time to finally add it to my DVD collection. I can confirm that it is just as magical on the small screen as it was on the big and I am still desperate to get my hands on a Niffler. I cannot wait for the sequel.

3. Pornstar Martini's and dodgy dancing
Last Saturday I headed to Blackpool with three friends as our boyfriend's had ditched us in favour of a four day stag do in Spain. We had a great time though, singing our hearts out, busting out some questionable moves and drinking our weight in cocktails. I'm now officially a Pornstar Martini fangirl and that's all I will be drinking from now on.

4. Lunch dates with old friends
The following Monday I headed to my local Prezzo to catch up with an old friend/work colleague. It was really nice to do something civil that didn't include booze AND my pollo carbonara was bloody delicious (although I had to take half of it home in a box cos the portion was massive - Seriously the contents of the doggy bag could have fed two people!).

5. The boyfriend.
As mentioned the boyfriend was on a four day stag do last weekend and whilst I had a great time with my friends, I did really miss him and was over the moon when he came through the door. Even though it was only four days it felt like a lot longer but this week has been great as we've been even nicer-er to each other than usual.

What's one really good thing that's happened to you this week?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


why you should vote in the 2017 general election

Today we are going to talk about politics. Yep that's right the dreaded P word. If you aren't interested or don't care then please feel free to press the little x in the right hand corner of your screen - I won't take offence I promise.

(But you should care because it's essentially a vote for your future).

Before I start babbling on let me make it clear - I am not here to ram my beliefs down your throat. I am purely making a case as to why you should vote and why it's important. Obviously it would be nice if you voted the same as me but that's not how the world works.

I decided to use my little corner of the internet to talk about the importance of voting because despite not really talking about it on here before, politics are something that genuinely interest me (just ask my non interested in politics boyfriend - he's sick of listening to me harping on and turning off his programmes to watch the news)

Anyhow, it literally takes two minutes to register to vote - Make sure you have your national insurance number to hand, click on this link, fill in your name, address and NI number and BOOM. You're all set. Registration closes on the 22nd of May so get to it.

Some Stats

Okay so in the 2010 elections only 29.7 million out of the 45.6 million people eligible voted.

In the 2015 elections only 66% of the UK voted meaning 34% did not.

And finally - Brexit - 72% of the population voted, 28% did not. 16,141,241 (48.1%) voted to remain and 17,410,742 (51.9%) voted to leave.

An article I read told me that that's roughly 13 million people who didn't vote.

(I found all these stats online on various government/newspaper sites - If they are incorrect please do let me know so I can fix them! It was a lot harder to get my mitts on statistics that I thought it would be).

So why should you vote?

'It's only one vote, why does it matter if I do it or not'
When you take into consideration that the difference between us leaving or remining in the EU was 1,269,501 votes, then 13 million extra voters could have meant we remained in the EU (or we could have still decided to leave, you never know do you?). So for all those people who don't think your vote counts - It really really does, especially when you look at the above figures. If those 13 million people had decided to vote they could have really changed the outcome of Brexit.

'It won't affect me in the long run so what's the point?'
What if something were to happen to the NHS? What if you broke your leg, had to call an ambulance, get your leg cast in the hospital then receive physio afterwards and there was no NHS? It would cost you a fuck tonne of money that's what. If a party decided to cut money from the national health service it would definitely affect you in the long run and trust me, after paying for treatment in Australia I will forever be grateful for the services the NHS provides.

'But who do I vote for? My Mum's voting for XXX but I'm not really sure if I agree with their policies'
At the end of the day you are voting for YOUR future - Don't vote for someone just because your mum or your boyfriend or your boss is voting for them. Like I said your vote really does count. Instead do your research, read manifestos - Hell, you can try reaching out to your local MP's and ask them what they plan on doing for your constituency if they were to get a seat in parliament. It's all about educating yourself and making an informed decision about what you believe in and what you would like to happen in the next five years.

Even though I don't think you should vote for a party just because so and so is voting for them, I do think you should take into consideration what would happen to the country on a whole if a certain party was to get in power. Look at the  the con's of the parties as well as the pros and look into the MP for your area or who they would have as PM. Look at how them getting in to power would affect the rich, the poor, the disabled, the young, the old, the upper class, the middle class, the working class, the environment, the health service, the fire and police departments, schools...I could go on and on.

Basically you should just make sure it's an informed decision okay?

Still confused about who to vote for?

Jeremy Corbyn's ten pledges to transform Britain
The Conservative's manifesto
The Liberal Democrat's vision
What the Green Party stand for
The Ukip manifesto*

As I'm based in England I haven't added direct links to some of the parties - sorry! - You can however read about the others such as the SNP and Plaid Cymru via this link. I did originally have

And there you have it - Hopefully some of you find this post helpful, that it hasn't come across as preachy and that you haven't immediately clicked the unfollow button because OMG another 20 something millenial talking about politics, snooze.

I'm actually in the USA when the election takes place so I've registered to vote by proxy meaning my Mum's going to go in my place and vote for me. Again, you can register to vote here and you need to register by the 22nd of May (this deadline is for votes done in person, by post and by proxy) - If you don't you will be unable to vote on the 8th of June!

Happy voting!

*DISCLAIMER: I really really didn't want to share UKIP's manifesto (and almost didn't) as I agree with very little of their beliefs (and think Nigel Farage is a bit of a nob) but as I said I don't want to ram my opinion down your throat and in the interests of being fair I believe it's only right to share it so you can make an informed decision when it comes to voting. Even if it does make me want to do a little vomit including them on here.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

REVIEW: Girlboss


I spent the large majority of my Sunday on the sofa watching Girlboss - A) because I was curious, B) because I wanted to review it whilst it was still relevant and C) well, I actually really liked it.

For those who aren't in the know, Girlboss is actually loosely based on the memoir by Nasty Gal creator, Sophia Amoruso. It chronicles the rise of her company and how she went from misfit who regularly stole and dumpster dived to CEO of a multi million dollar clothing company.

Now, I haven't read her memoir so I didn't really know much about her when I decided to watch the series. I mean I knew of Sophia (and all the controversy surrounding Nasty Gal) but I didn't know the ins and outs of how Nasty Gal came to be.

SO how did Nasty Gal come to be and what is the series about?

The nub and gist of it is this: Girl buys vintage jacket for next to nothing, sells on Ebay for a lot of something, starts Ebay business selling vintage clothes and BOOM, the rest is history. The series chronicles Sophia's journey to the top, showing us the highs and lows of setting up a business and becoming your own boss.

girlboss netflix review

Before I start gushing on about why I liked it, I thought I'd discuss the one reason why I really, really did not like it at first - And why a lot of other people didn't like it either.

So what's the biggest problem with Girlboss? Sophia herself.

I dunno if Sophia was that selfish, rude and ungrateful in real life but if she was then wow, what a bitch. She comes across as extremely narcissistic and often treats the people who love her like garbage, giving zero fucks about how her attitude and behaviour affects them.

Quite frankly, she's annoying.

Luckily by the end of the series she comes to realise that having her family and friends by her side can help her rather than hinder her (kind of) but it's hard to forget how much of a pain in the ass she was in the beginning. 

I saw a review that said 'Girlboss is much more fun once it stops trying to prove it's heroine is such an asshole' and that sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

girlboss netflix review

Now it's time to talk about on the good.

How do you keep your audience interested when your heroine is a bit self absorbed bellend? You add some serious style that most women will envy, throw in some pop culture references - Any OC fans here? Keep an eye out for a nod to Marissa's death -  to add a bit of nostalgia and have a stellar supporting cast of characters who completely carry the show, that's what.

Sophia may be a bit of a div (especially in the beginning) but the people surrounding her are simply fabulous. 

From Lionel (Ru Paul) who lives in the apartment opposite, BFF Annie (Ellie Reed) to art school drop out Nathan (Cole Escola), the supporting characters are the saving grace of the programme (Seriously, I'm rooting for an Annie spin off, she's such a good character) and the reason that I watched it long enough to find out that Sophia actually redeems herself by the end of episode 13.

girlboss netflix review

So....Do I think you should watch it? Well yes and no.

If you can't get past Sophia's bad attitude and switch off? Well you'll live. It's an alright programme sure but I don't think everyone will buy into her story or her so I don't blame people for switching off. It's not exactly a must watch like Breaking Bad or Making a Murderer. 

However if you can get past the ego of Sophia, then chances are you will probably enjoy Girlboss as it's quite inspiring to see just how much she believed in herself and how much work went into building her company. 

One thing watching Girlboss has taught me is that if you don't believe in yourself then you're never going to do the thing you want to do so maybe (key word - maybe) it's time I got off my arse, put on my big girl pants and tried to do something about those pesky dreams and goals of mine.

Again, maybe.

What did you think to Girlboss? Were you sold on it or did you turn it off after a few episodes?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Three new events in my 2017 diary

2017 diary

At the beginning of February I shared a post detailing what I was going to be getting up to in 2017 and as we all know sometimes our plans change. Aswell as cancelling a few things - like my tattoo and an overnight stay in Liverpool - I've also added a couple of fun things that I'm really excited about!

1. A night out in Blackpool with the girls.
On Friday our boyfriend's are flying to Spain for a stag do so obviously we girls decided (whilst drunk) that a big girly night out was a must whilst they were away. We settled on Blackpool as it's cheap, tacky and a lot of fun! I'm not looking forward to doing the two hour journey home hungover but hey, should be a good night.

2. An overnight stay in London in August.
The boyfriend hates London but as all I've done is talk about Wicked since I saw it in November he's slowly come around to the idea of an overnight stay so he can be introduced to Elphaba and Galinda. We've decided to go in August as I've never been in Summer and we are hoping to squeeze in a go on the London Eye (it was closed when we last went), a walk through Hyde Park and a visit to the James Bond in Motion exhibition.

3. Watching Nick Helm in Leeds in October.
I've been a fan of Nick Helm's since I saw him on Russell Howard's good news and have followed his career ever since. When I saw he was touring in October I decided to snap up some tickets to the Leeds show as they were only £15 a pop - Well worth it!

Have you added anything fun to you calendar recently?