Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why I quit Blogmas before it had even started

So I was all set to do Blogmas.
I'd bored on about it on social media, I'd been planning posts since October and had a lot of them typed with photos all ready to go.
Then I decided on the 30th November that I didn't wanna do it anymore.
I had an epiphany you see - It's time to take a step back from the online world and start enjoying the real world a bit more.
You see, I'm stuck behind a screen at work all week, then on a night I go home and sit on my phone scrolling mindlessly through social media and THEN I spend my weekend taking photos or writing stuff for my blog.
Blogmas would have just meant spending even more of my free time online; stressing over pushing out content, getting annoyed over being unable taking photos due to the crap light and unnecessary worrying over numbers - I just couldn't be arsed with that extra pressure.
So after deciding to not bother with Blogmas, I've also decided to change my approach to blogging.
No more comparing myself to others, no more trying to fit the typical blogger mould, no more weekend blogging and definitely no strict scheduling.
As much as I like to blog, I think nurturing my real life relationships and hobbies is much more important than spending every spare moment glued to my laptop or phone, worrying about how many likes I have, how many followers I've lost or what strangers think about me and my writing.
Don't you?
Aaaand I'm done. I hope this doesn't come across as bitchy or spiteful because that wasn't the aim of the post, I promise.
Peace out.