Friday, 23 December 2016

The Friday Five #3

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happy Christmas! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Can you tell someone's a little bit excited for Christmas/some time off? Today is the third Friday Five post and I'm really enjoying doing them so hopefully you guys like reading them. I'm hoping that with the new year comes some blogging inspiration as I've been really struggling with ideas lately but hey ho, I guess we will see.

Anywho, let's see what I've loved this week...

When I was asleep the other day Jody finally listened to my Dad's recommendation and started watching Elementary, the modern take on Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. I missed the first few episodes (so I'm going to watch them tonight whilst Jody's out) but despite this I soon got stuck into it and now we are both obsessed, watching it at every waking moment. I really like BBC's Sherlock but *unpopular opinion* I think Cucumberbatch's Sherlock is a bit of a dick and I much prefer Miller's.

I went off ASOS for a while but recently I've been finding more and more on there that I like. I haven't gone too crazy as I have more than enough clothes but I did treat myself to a couple of bits that I'd had my eye on for a while when I got my bonus. Despite it being Christmas, I placed my order on Friday and it was with me on Monday so I was pretty impressed - They have some of the best customer service around for sure.

I haven't had my hair coloured since September so on Wednesday I finally went and got my hair done. After a few months of being a rather bland and nondescript grey I decided to jazz things up for the festive season and go back pink. I have brighter darker roots then a rusty (??) kind of pink on the ends Pink is definitely my favourite hair colour - It's so much fun even if it is a bit of a pain to keep on top of!

As Thursday was our last full day at work before Christmas, we decided that it was time to persuade the nearest Dominos to deliver to our office. We're only half a mile outside of their delivery catchment area and as 20+ people wanted pizza, it made sense financially for them to break the rules and bring us some grub. Thanks to some sweet talking from one of our staff members they eventually relented and come lunch time we were very happy campers.

I'm working 'til dinnertime today and then I have four glorious days off to eat, drink and be merry YAY! I'm excited for Christmas sure but as I've been knackered all week I'm more excited to have a big lie in tomorrow - although it can't be too big as Jody and I have to play Santa and go visiting our various relatives. I don't have much planned beyond eating my weight in pigs in blankets, watching The Muppets Christmas Carol and seeing the new Star Wars movie with my Mum but I think it's gunna be a lovely couple of days, especially after last year's wanky Christmas.

And that's all for this week - Have a lovely Christmas!


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