Monday, 19 December 2016

17 things that you will have definitely done at Christmas as a kid (especially if you're British)

If there's anything us millenials like it's nostalgic lists and Christmas so for today's post I decided to combine the two!

17 things that you will have definitely done at Christmas as a kid (especially if you're British)

Agonised over what to get their bff incase they decided that your gift was lame and they no longer wanted to be your mate.

Used your fancy stationary and written a letter to Santa in your best handwriting...

...Then placed it in the airing cupboard and checked on it every 5 minutes to see if it had gone to the North Pole yet.

Put Christmas cards in the school Christmas card box and prayed that you would get some cards when they were doled out.

Painstakingly glued a shit tonne of glitter and cotton wool balls to a piece of card to present to your family members as a show of love.

Ran outside the minute there was some snow, even if your teacher/guardian didn't want you too.

Pretended to be asleep when you parent checked in on you to put out your stocking then tip toed over to take a peek inside.

Nearly fallen asleep and/or frozen to death in church during the church Christmas service (wether with school or family).

Wished you had one of those parkas like the East 17 boys have in the Stay Another Day video.

Begged your parents for a Babyliss braider, Badge It machine! and lava lamp for Christmas 'cos that's what the cool kids had asked for.

Felt really smug when you took your personalised letter from Santa into school.

Faked being ill to get out of the Christmas nativity but being forced to do it anyways.

Been forced to wear matching (or at least co-ordinating) outfits with your siblings to go out for Christmas dinner.

Caught a bug and really played it up so you could get some of that sweet nectar otherwise known as Calpol.

Stumbled over the 'Good King Wenceslas' carol and sniggered when everyone said 'Good King Wen-Slish-Slosh'.

Then laughed even more when your teacher got wound off that you were all taking the piss.

Been whitewashed by the boy you fancied.

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