Friday, 11 November 2016

REVIEW: TGI Fridays Junction 27

tgi fridays junction 27
Good morning! Today I'm have a mini review of TGI Fridays Junction 27 in Leeds for you(more specifically, at Birstall shopping park). Enjoy!
After a trip to the cinema to see The Girl on the Train at THE BEST cinema I've ever been too, (LEATHER RECLINERS GUYS!) our tummies were grumbling so we risked the busy roads of death at the retail park* and walked over to TGI Fridays for some grub.
TGI Fridays is one of our go-to places as we know that although the food isn't exactly Michelin star quality, it fills you up and usually the service (in the Leeds one anyways) is pretty good.
We managed to get a seat straight away despite it being ridiculously busy and as usual the staff were lovely. The service was a little bit slow due the amount of people in there, but as we could see it was rammed, it didn't really bother us that much,

tgi fridays cola chicken wings
As I had the foresight to download the app before we went, we ended up getting a free starter. We went for the cola chicken wings and I think they're usually a fiver for a single serve of 6 wings or a tenner for double that.
I was a bit apprehensive when it came to trying the wings as I've never had anything coca cola glazed but after one bite I was converted. They were one of the most delicious things I've ever put in my mouth - Sweet, but with enough zing to keep you interested.
We both agreed we should have ordered the double portion, that's for sure.

tgi fridays cheeseburger deluxe with cheese & bacon fries

For my main I went for the Cheeseburger Deluxe with cheese and bacon fries - If you look closely you can see where I took a bite out of my burger before I remembered that I needed to take a photo...Bad blogger!

The burger itself was a little bit dry for me but it was still edible, especially when dipped in the garlic mayo to add a bit more flavour. Start of the show was definitely the cheese and bacon fries - There's something about cheap American cheese that I just can't resist.

I was hoping to get a dessert but I was pogged after shoving all this in my gob (aswell as an oreo milkshake) so we made the hard decision to pay the bill and walk away.

As much as I enjoy the atmosphere and service in TGI Fridays, it is quite average food. I'll be going back again but I wouldn't make the trip to go there exclusively.

Do you enjoy places like TGI Fridays or do you think they're just cheap crap? Let me know!

*Seriously if you have ever been there you will know what I mean. They really need to install some traffic lights so pedestrains can cross over safely without fearing for their lives.

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