Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What's on my London wishlist?: Splurge Edition

Hey Sugarplums! Hope we are all well on this glorious morning? If you didn't know I'm going to London with my Mum on the 28th so today I thought I'd share a little wishlist of what I want to buy with you all. Today's is a 'splurge edition' so it consists of things that are quite pricy (in my eyes anyways) and chances are I won't buy all of them but a girl can dream can't she?
Next week I will have a saver edition for you but for now, enjoy!
I favor backpacks over any other type of bag just because they're so much easier to lug around, especially as I have a bad back. My current backpack is a Ripcurl one and as it's travelled through Australia, Bali and Thailand with me, it's looking a little tired. I've always wanted a leather backpack and I know there are probably cheaper alternatives, but I fell in love with the shape and design of this one. Plus when you buy a Dr Martens product you know you are getting something that is great quality and will last a life time.
I already own the Naked Smokey palette and I use it pretty much everyday so next on my hitlist is the Naked 3 palette. It's packed with gorgeous pink toned shadows and after looking at some swatches, I think the colours will go perfectly with my milk bottle skin and blue eyes. It's a bit pricey but Urban Decay are such a good brand and the colours are so bold.
Every year River Island release a range of faux fur collared cardigans and every year I fall a little bit in love with them but struggle to justify the price tag. I bought a similar (and cheaper) one not so long back but it just isn't the same as the RI ones. The RI ones are such good quality and the fur just looks so luxurious! I think this year is the year that I finally bite the bullet and treat myself to one as I know I will get a lot of use out of it.
Eep, I know, it's the exact same cardigan just in a different colour but they are just both so delicious that I couldn't pick a colour! I'm really hoping that my wonderful, sexy, charming boyf (He reads this blog so hi Jody, HINT HINT) will give me some money to put towards these cardigans for Christmas so I can buy them without feeling too guilty.
If you read this post on Bloody Mary Metal you will know that I'm a suck for chunky, quirky silver jewellery so when I found The Great Frog on Instagram I knew I needed to go purhcase something from them when I went to London. Unfortuantely this is the only item on the site I can afford but it's perfect for me - Subtle yet a little bit spooky.

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